SME Transformation

Work-Integrated Digital Skilling CLaaS for Self-Service Digitalization with AI-powered Hyperproductive Workforce

CLaaS@Work propels Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) towards swift digital metamorphosis, fostering an O2O (Offline to Online) business model characterized by a nimble workforce, technologically enhanced operations, multi-channel sales strategies, an AI-infused working environment, and analytics-led business governance.

CLaaS@Work is instrumental in accelerating employee skill enhancement, integrating learning seamlessly into daily tasks, thus enabling workers to adopt digital solutions and methodologies without impeding their regular work responsibilities, all aimed at exponential advancement in the digital sphere.

Work-Integrated Digital Skilling CLaaS for Self-Service Digitalization with AI-powered Hyperproductive Workforce

CLaaS@Work support SMEs in rapid digital transformation for building an offline2online (O2O) business with an agile workforce, tech-enabled operations, omni-channel sales, AI-powered workplace, and data-driven business management capabilities to achieve exponential growth in the digital economy.

CLaaS@Work support rapid workforce upskilling with learning in the flow of work without compromising work for self-service digital technologies and practices implementation.

Receive up to 90% course fees funding from SkillsFuture Singapore and S$18K salaries funding for reskilling each employee from Workforce Singapore

  • For a start, you will receive up to S$10,000 SFEC grant from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) for out-of-pocket expenses incurred to support your digital transformation project ​

  • For each employee sent for training, you will receive up to 90% of course fee funding and S$4.5 per hour to defray manpower costs incurred for attending accredited courses from SSG​

  • For each employee sent for re-skilling or re-deployment, you will receive up to 90% of salary funding for qualified skills and jobs from Workforce Singapore​ (WSG)

  • For each enterprise announced at IRAS-Budget 2023, you can receive up to 400% tax deduction on first $400,000 of qualifying training expenditure plus, subsequent 100% from YA2024 to 2028

  • For larger SMEs, you can receive $30K per project for up to 3 projects per enterprise from SSG for supporting digital transformation projects consultancy mentoring

Funding Eligibility Criteria

Company must be registered and incorporated in Singapore ​

Employee must be Singaporean or permanent resident (PR)

Personalized, work-integrated & outcome-based learning journey for self-service digitalization with rapid return on learning investment without compromising work

CLaaS@Work is designed on a competency-based curriculum in alignment with Singapore’s skills framework for bridging digital skills gap to develop future ready talents with job specific knowledge, skills & abilities​.

We adopt 70:20:10 work-integrated learning with industry experts mentoring for live projects implementation to deliver tangible digital transformation outcome.​

We deliver blended learning involving self-paced e-learning, live flipped classes, and project mentoring for personalized learning journey deliver in the flow of work.

7 Digital Skills Bridging for AI-powered Hyperproductive Workforce

SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace

Future-ready your workforce with digital fluency skills for self-service digitalization to support offline2online growth in the digital economy

Agile Management

Implement agile project management to promote adaptability, continuous improvement, and cross-functional collaboration for an innovative workforce with responsiveness and agility

Digital Marketing

Deliver unified customer journey with conversational marketing campaign for increased offline2online reach, optimized touchpoints, enhanced sales conversion, and reduced customers acquisition costs

Contents Marketing

Digital contents driven marketing campaigns with full funnel offline2online customers engagement for trusted brand building and enhanced sales conversion

Process Automation

Streamline your process with robotic automation technology to deliver straight through transaction processing for optimum operational efficiency

Data Analytics

Turn raw data into actionable business intelligence with data analytics technology to refine customer experience, improve operational efficiencies, and innovate product offerings for data-driven real-time business management

Generative AI

Enhance enterprise knowledge with AI Chatbot for automated content creation, personalized adaptive learning, and tailored customer engagement for a more adaptive and intelligent workforce

Omni-Channel Solution Sales

Increase sales reach with omni-channel digital sales best practices and tools. Enhance sales conversion with product market fit and consultative solution sales techniques

Digital Transformation Management

Empower tech transformation for efficiency, market reach, engagement that embrace change, fuels agility, innovation, vital for a competitive, and sustainable growth.

Marketing Automation & CRM

Drive growth via insights, tailored offerings, and efficiency with HubSpot integrating marketing, sales, service, enhancing communication, empowering businesses for success.

Join them who have transformed digitally

Through 1200+ strategic collaborations, eduCLaaS has bridged the skills gap, enabling enterprises to expand offline-to-online with CLaaS@Work and Skillsfuture-funding.

Check out how eduCLaaS has transformed from a small training provider in Singapore to become a leading Pan-Asia digital skilling platform by implementing self-service digital transformation

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