Digital Workforce Transformation

Bridging Digital Skills & Talents Gap for the Future of Work

An AWS Study indicated that the average Asean workers with digital skills earn significantly more than workers with similar education who do not use digital skills at work. The income premium ranges from 97% in Singapore to 63% in Malaysia.

There is a critical need for reskilling and upskilling with 79% of APAC workers eager to upskill themselves to reap positive benefits like higher wages, jobs satisfaction, and opportunities for promotion.

However, hiring digital workers will continue to be an uphill battle with more than eight in ten Asean Employers saying that they are facing hiring challenges.

Digital Workforce Transformation with CLaaS® Academy-in-a-Box
CLaaS® Academy-in-a-Box is an on-demand, one-stop, AI-driven digital learning platform designed to support digital workforce transformation for enterprises, and education institutions.

The platform adopts 70:20:10 work-integrated skilling, with an adaptive hybrid flexible learning journey, powered by a collaborative learning ecosystem, to deliver learning in the flow of work with outcomes.
Digital Talents Acquisition with Seamless Job Onboarding  

We support digital talents acquisition with end2end recruitment, training, onboarding, and hosting for just-in-time talents incubation.

Our Recruit-Train-Onboard programs with training costs co-sharing deliver affordable talents incubation for scalable digital workforce incubation.

Work-Integrated Adaptive Learning with Digitalization Outcome

CLaaS® bridges learning gaps inherent with conventional corporate training delivery – namely Skills GAP, Outcome GAP & Access Gap for better return on corporate learning investment.

CLaaS® is designed around a competency-based curriculum, deliver in an accessible hybrid flexible adaptive learning journey, with 70:20:10 project-based learning mentored by industry experts, for work-integrated skilling with digitalization outcome.

AI-Powered HyFlex Learning Technology with Outcome-based Performance Mgmt   
Real-time Hybrid Flexible Learning Journey Facilitation & Progress
Real-time Knowledge, Skills, Ability & Digital Capability Outcome Tracking
Learner profiling, registration, scheduling, attendance etc
Digital Workforce Transformation with CLaaS Academy as a Service

CLaaS® Academy as a Service is an on-demand digital skilling platform designed to support digital workforce transformation for large corporates.

It is an end2end one-stop digital learning platform with integrated AI-driven hyflex learning technologies, work-integrated adaptive learning delivery and digital talents market place for scalable digital workforce upskilling and talents incubation.

Personalized Skills-First Adaptive Learning Journey
Unleash the power of adaptive learning journey with digital skills profiling, personalized learning pathways, targeted skills development and work-integrated learning delivery for holistic workforce upskilling with digitalization outcome.   
Work-Integrated Collaborative Learning for a Productive Work Life
Work-Integrated Collaborative Learning for a Productive Work Life
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Through 1200+ strategic collaborations, eduCLaaS has bridged the skills gap, enabling enterprises to expand offline-to-online with CLaaS@Work and Skillsfuture-funding.
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