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Lithan Academy Pte Ltd Named Finalist in Techblazer Awards 5th Edition


Singapore, December 7, 2023 – Lithan Academy Pte Ltd, a leading provider of innovative technology education solutions, has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious Techblazer Awards 5th edition, presented by SGTech. This recognition highlights Lithan Academy’s outstanding contribution to the technology sector and its commitment to excellence.

The Techblazer Awards, organized by SGTech, acknowledge and celebrate Singapore’s most exceptional technology-driven companies and individuals. Lithan Academy Pte Ltd’s selection as a finalist underscores its significant impact on the industry and its dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology education.
Mr. Krishnamoorthy Ramoo, Chief Operating Officer of Lithan Academy, expressed enthusiasm about the recognition, saying, “Being selected as a finalist for the Techblazer Awards is a testament to our team’s dedication to innovation in technology education. We are honored to be among the outstanding companies shaping the future of the industry.”
Mr. Leslie Loh, Founder and CEO of Lithan Academy, added, “This recognition is a reflection of our commitment to providing relevant and transformative education in the technology sector. We look forward to the gathering event and the opportunity to celebrate with other finalists who share our passion for advancing technology in Singapore.”
Lithan Academy Pte Ltd remains committed to its mission of shaping the future of technology education, and this recognition further motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. We are grateful for the acknowledgment from the Techblazer Awards and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we collectively drive technological advancements in Singapore and beyond.
The event is expected to be a momentous occasion, bringing together industry leaders to celebrate each other’s achievements and receive the well-deserved recognition. SGTech eagerly anticipates the participation of Lithan Academy Pte Ltd at the gathering event in Q1 2024.