Tech Navigator Expo: Future-proof Your Business with Microsoft’s AI-Powered Solutions

Tech Navigator Expo:
Future-proof Your Business with Microsoft's AI-Powered Solutions

Join the AI Hackathon and win amazing prizes!

Date: Wednesday, 17th July 2024
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM SGT

Venue: 11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601, Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1 and Event Hall 1-2

Tech Navigator Expo: Future-proof Your Business with Microsoft's AI-Powered Solutions

Join the AI Hackathon and win amazing prizes!

Date: Wednesday, 17th July 2024
Time: 9 AM to 5 PM SGT

Venue: 11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601, Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1 and Event Hall 1-2

Empowering Business Growth with AI and Microsoft Solutions

The Tech Expo empowers HR professionals, learning and development specialists, and business leaders with the insights and tools to leverage AI-powered business solutions from Microsoft.

Dive deep into strategies, technologies, and best practices to bridge the tech talent gap, understand your digital maturity, and navigate the complexities of digitalization through engaging activities like hackathons, tech talks, and networking – all designed to help your business thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.
Meet the Industry Leaders from

Key Highlights

Equip Your Tech Lite Employees with Vital Technology Insights: Learn how to provide your employees with essential knowledge about the latest business technology solutions.
Develop Holistic Strategies to Address Tech Talent Shortages: Discover comprehensive approaches to bridge the tech skills gap and enhance workforce capabilities.
Enhance Your Organization’s Digital Maturity: Gain tools and insights to assess and improve your organization’s technological readiness and adaptability.
Leverage Engaging and Interactive Learning Opportunities: Explore engaging activities like hackathons and tech talks to make tech learning enjoyable and effective for your employees.
Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning and Innovation: Inspire a culture that encourages ongoing learning and embraces innovation across all levels of your organization.
Empower Your Employees to Navigate Digital Complexities: Acquire practical strategies to help your employees understand and adapt to new digital technologies and processes.
Who Should Attend?
HR Professionals
Sales & Marketing Professionals
Learning and Development Specialists
Business Leaders
Technology Enthusiasts
Anyone interested in AI and digital transformation

Participate and Get Transformed

Date and time

Wednesday, 17th July 2024

9 AM to 5 PM SGT
11 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408601, Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1 and Event Hall 1-2
Event Agenda
  • 9.00 AM

  • 9.20 AM
    Welcome Speech

  • 9.30 AM
    AI-Powered Enterprise For Digital Workforce Transformation
    Leslie Loh, Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator Founder & CEO @ Lithan eduCLaaS

  • 10.00 AM
    Enable Skills-First Enterprise with AI-led Skills & Competency Management
    Steven Pohniman, Skills ECO-System Builder, Partner Alliance / Project Advisor @ Jobkred
  • 10.20 AM
    Deliver AI-Driven Outcome-Based Learning Journey Management
    Krishnamoorthy Ramoo, Co-Founder & COO @ Lithan eduCLaaS

  • 10.50 AM
    Building a Lifelong Learning Ecosystem
    Edmund Lim, Vice President @ ClassIn

  • 11.10 AM

  • 11.20 AM
    Let’s Skill Up
    Fiona Seng, Program Manager @Microsoft

  • 11.30 AM
    AI-powered RPA for Digital Workplace Transformation
    Wahidah Saleem, Digital Practices Expert @ Lithan EducLaaS

  • 12.00 PM

  • 1.30 PM
    Discover Your AI Future with MS Co-pilot
    Teddy Wong, Business Director @ ACloud

  • 2.00 PM
    AI Hackathon
About the AI Hackathon
Hosted by ACloud

Use M365 Copilot, an AI assistant for Microsoft 365, to improve business efficiency in one of these areas:

  • Productivity: Improve workflows and save time
  • Data Analysis: Automate data analysis in Excel
  • Email Management: Manage emails more efficiently
  • Document Creation: Create documents faster and easier
  • Security: Enhance document security with Copilot Studio
Why Participate?
  • Win prizes such as tech gadgets and software
  • Network with industry experts
  • Learn low-code/no-code tools
  • Solve real business problems
  • Get recognized for your skills
Hackathon Sessions: (Please choose only 1 track to participate)
  • Track 1: AI-Powered Conversational Marketing Campaign Development ( For Sales & Marketing Professionals and Business Leaders)
  • Track 2: Intelligent Applications Development (For HR and L&D professionals and Technology Enthusiasts)
  • Track 3: Job-Role Redesign Using AI-Powered Skills Intelligence Software (For HR and L&D professionals and Business Leaders)
  • Track 4: Self-Service Digitalization Planning Development ( For Business Leaders and anyone interested in AI and digital transformation)
Attendee Requirements:
  • Attendees are required to bring their own devices
  • Acloud, in collaboration with Lithan and Microsoft
Featured Speakers


Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator Founder & CEO, Lithan eduCLaaS
A serial entrepreneur who successfully transformed his start-up to a multinational company with customers over 10 countries and is also an active investor with over 40 tech ventures in his investment portfolio. Today, he is the founder & CEO of Lithan EduCLaaS Global, a leading edutech business with a Pan-Asia presence.


Digital Practices Expert, Lithan eduCLaaS
A professional technical trainer with extensive experience in conducting technical training in the areas of Computer AidedDesign, Business Process Automation and Business Reporting.
With over 12 years of training under her belt, Waheedah is accomplished at conducting both in class and virtual trainings. Passionate about making a difference in a learner’s lifelong learning process, Waheedah provides coaching and guidance to spur learners to realise their fullest potential. Allowing them to discover industry specific digital transformation strategies and tools that helps to bring changes and powerful business results to their organizations.

Krishnamoorthy Ramoo

Co-Founder & COO, Lithan eduCLaaS
Krishna leads the company’s Digital Transformation, emphasizing enhanced learning experiences and operational efficiency through AI and Data Analytics. With 30 years of expertise spanning financial and software project management, operational development, and strategic HR, he previously served as VP of Asia Pacific Professional Services at SunGard System Access. In this role, Krishna played a pivotal part in the company’s growth, spearheading global HR, process management, IT infrastructure, and administration during System Access’ worldwide expansion.


Business Director, ACloud
Trusted Advisor to both internal and external senior business stakeholders at the Chief Executives level to conceptualize, strategize, develop and implement Short/Long term IT Digital Transformation Strategy that support business goals; with over 15 years of multi-disciplinary Enterprise Level Project Deliveries, IT Operations and Modern Work place Transformation Service Delivery, accompanied with broad business industries.


Program Manager, Microsoft
Ms Fiona Seng is dedicated to supporting small medium enterprises and startups in their journey of technology optimisation through the Microsoft Let’s Skill Up program. With experience driving policy and business development in the government, Fiona helps SMEs and startups to navigate the plethora of enablement resources, networks and grants available. The program is a partnership between Microsoft and SkillsFuture Singapore to enable more businesses to hire and develop a future ready workforce. The program has outreached to over 600 SMEs and supported 100 businesses in their workforce transformation journey


Vice President, ClassIn
Edmund is the Vice President involved in Strategic Partnerships at ClassIn, which is owned by EEO, a leading EdTech unicorn that provides one-stop solutions for digital and hybrid learning. With more than 25 years of experience in the education field, Edmund has held leadership and management roles in the public and private sectors, in Singapore and overseas. He has also provided consultancy for international schools, EdTech companies, overseas ministries of education and organisations such as the World Bank.

Steven Pohniman

Skills ECO-System Builder, Partner Alliance / Project Advisor, Jobkred
Steven is an experienced business advisor with 22 years history of success in various roles such as sales, business development, marketing and territory management. Recognized for contributions to record-setting sales figures, territory startup/expansion and new account development. Offer an in-depth understanding of territory, partnership and sales processes while remaining focused on all stakeholders satisfaction throughout all stages. Highly Skilled in relationship building and managing major stakeholders of various levels from C-suite to rank and file. Ex-Microsoft and Salesforce SI with experience from lead generations to projects implementation and post support management.

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