mSME- Generative AI for HR

Generative AI for Hyper Productive HR

Duration and Delivery Mode:
Full-time / Part Time

Generative AI for Hyper Productive HR

Duration and Delivery Mode:
Full-time / Part Time

Course Brief

This course is meticulously crafted for HR professionals seeking to capitalize on the transformative capabilities of Generative AI. Offering a comprehensive skills conversion pathway, the course prepares learners to excel in the dynamic field of Generative AI. Upon completion, learners will gain access to a myriad of opportunities for career progression, armed with the expertise to design and implement Generative AI solutions in the HR department of their organizations.

The program comprises two modules: “Generative AI” and the “Generative AI Capstone Project.” The first module immerses learners in the realm of AI models, providing a detailed exploration of Generative AI Models. Focused on the practical applications of ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, this module delves into use cases for research, content generation, and business productivity. Through hands-on exercises, learners acquire proficiency in constructing Chatbots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agent, empowering them to create intelligent conversational agents effortlessly.

The “Generative AI Capstone Project,” the second module, serves as the apex of their learning journey. In this project, learners apply their acquired knowledge to develop a compelling chatbot using Power Virtual Agents. The goal is to leverage advanced features such as topics, entities, and proactive messaging, while seamlessly integrating external systems to enhance the chatbot’s functionality. This practical experience enhances problem-solving and project management skills, allowing learners to create innovative AI-driven solutions tailored to real-world HR scenarios.

Throughout the course, learners cultivate a profound understanding of Generative AI and its applications, enabling them to harness AI’s power for diverse purposes. Learners will effectively leverage OpenAI and ChatGPT, uncovering opportunities to revolutionize research, content generation, and business processes. Practical skills gained in building a Chatbot with Microsoft Power Virtual Agent make graduates highly sought after in the competitive job market.

In conclusion, this course provides an exceptional opportunity for HR professionals passionate about Generative AI to unlock their potential and embark on a fulfilling career journey. With a comprehensive curriculum covering Generative AI and hands-on projects, learners emerge well-prepared to confront the challenges of the AI industry, driving innovation and creating transformative AI solutions across HR industries.

Knowledge, Skill, Ability Summary

At the end of the course, you will be able to acquire the following:


  • Analyze the fundamentals and applications of generative AI models, including ChatGPT and Power Virtual Agents.
  • Understanding the fundamental principles of engineering to analyze, design, and construct various types of prompts for solutions.
  • Evaluate the use cases of generative AI models, such as content generation, research, business productivity, and customer support.
  • Examine the integration of external systems to enhance the functionality and capabilities of chatbots.
  • Assess the role and application of multimedia presentations in chatbot development and user engagement.


  • Apply generative AI models, including ChatGPT and Power Virtual Agents, to generate content, facilitate research, and improve business productivity.
  • Build interactive chatbots using Power Virtual Agents, incorporating advanced features like topics, entities, and proactive messaging.
  • Integrate external systems and APIs to extend the functionality and capabilities of chatbots.
  • Evaluate and optimize multimedia presentations within chatbot interactions to enhance user engagement.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively to design and develop intelligent chatbot solutions utilizing generative AI models.
Design, develop, and implement interactive chatbots that utilize generative AI models and advanced features, providing a transformative user experience and contributing to enhanced business productivity, specifically tailored for HR business functions.

Blended Learning Journey
(121.0 Hours)


22 Hours

Flipped Class

22 Hours

Mentoring Support
(Assignment Sync)

18 Hours

Mentoring Support
(Project Sync)

32 Hours

Mentoring Support
(Project/ Assignment Implementation Async)

26 Hours


1 Hours

Module Summary

Module Brief

In the “Generative AI” module, learners will delve into the world of AI models and their applications in the workplace. Starting with the fundamentals, the module will elucidate the inner workings of various AI models. Special attention will be given to practical tools essential for Generative AI, including ChatGPT, Copilot, and Power Virtual Agents from Microsoft. Through hands-on engagement, participants will explore how Generative AI can be harnessed to augment HR tasks.

In this module, learners will explore the practical applications of ChatGPT and Microsoft 365 Copilot. They’ll uncover how ChatGPT can be used in HR tasks, such as in research, creating content, boosting business productivity, and assisting with internal stakeholder. Through hands-on experiences, participants will learn how to use AI tools like ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot to craft engaging and interactive content. Furthermore, the module will equip learners with the skills to create functional ChatBots using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Copilot, facilitating smooth interactions with users.

By the end of this module, learners will possess a comprehensive understanding of AI models, coupled with practical expertise in leveraging ChatGPT, Copilot, and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents for HR-specific tasks. This includes content creation, multimedia presentations, elevating business productivity, and enhancing customer support within a HR context

Other Information
  1. SSG Module Reference No: TGS-2023020397
  2. Module Validity Date: NA
Module Session Plan
Module Brief

The Capstone Project module equips learners with essential knowledge and skills required to undertake a comprehensive chatbot development project using Power Virtual Agents. Through a series of tailored project tasks, HR participants will gain hands-on experience and proficiency in various aspects of chatbot creation and management, specifically geared towards HR applications.

In this module, learners will research Power Virtual Agents to understand its capabilities in building chatbots. They will learn to set up and configure the development environment, ensuring a smooth workflow. Creating and managing topics in Power Virtual Agents will enable effective conversation flows, while the utilization of entities and variables will enable dynamic responses, enhancing the bot’s interactivity. Learners will also explore the integration of rich media and attachments for creating an engaging user experience.

Moreover, the module focuses on implementing proactive messaging to initiate conversations with users, providing a proactive and user-friendly chatbot. Learners will gain expertise in integrating external systems and APIs, extending the chatbot’s functionality and usefulness. Testing and debugging the chatbot ensures accuracy, responsiveness, and functionality. Continuous monitoring and optimization based on user feedback and performance data will further enhance the chatbot’s performance.

By the end of the this capstone project module, learners will have developed a fully functional and engaging HR chatbot using Power Virtual Agents. They will be adept at leveraging advanced features like topics, entities, and proactive messaging, while seamlessly integrating external systems for enhanced functionality. Additionally, they will have honed their skills in combining conversational design principles with advanced features, enabling them to build effective and user-centric chatbots tailored to specific needs and domains.

Other Information
  1. SSG Module Reference No: TGS-2023019812
  2. Module Validity Date: NA
Module Session Plan

Target Audience & Prerequisite

Target Audience

  • Enterprises who would like to enhance HR capabilities using AI-powered HR knowledge chatbot and revolutionary digital learning experiences.
  • Individuals who are working in HR department


  • Academic: Minimum one credit in O Level or its equivalent
  • English Proficiency: Minimum IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent
  • Age: Minimum 21 years
  • Work Experience: Working in HR division of the company.

Graduation Requirements

Each learner must meet the following requirements to secure academic qualifications, and /or Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SSG
  • Minimum 75% attendance in all sessions.
  • Minimum pass grade in the summative assessment of each module


Academic Qualification NIL
Statement of Attainment
  • WSQ Generative AI (SF)
  • ICT-DIT-4029-1.1: Text Analytics and Processing
  • WSQ Capstone Project -Data Analytics (SF)
  • ICT-PMT-4001-1.1 Business Needs Analysis
    ICT-OUS-3011-1.1 Problem Management
Industry Skills Certification
EduCLaaS Job Role Certification
Digital Transformation Executive

Other Information

SSG Course Reference No: NA
Course Validity Date: NA
Course Developer: Lithan Academy

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