Digital Fluency CLaaS- Digital Sales Capstone

Capstone Project - Digital Sales

WSQ Capstone Project - Solution Sales (SF)
(Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

Duration and Delivery Mode:

Capstone Project - Digital Sales

WSQ Capstone Project - Solution Sales (SF)
(Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

Duration and Delivery Mode:

Course Brief

The “Omni-Channel Solution Sales Capstone Project” module is curated to furnish learners with the requisite knowledge and skills essential for proficient solution-oriented sales. Across a series of comprehensive project units, participants will delve into the intricacies of Omni-Channel Solution Sales, gaining profound insights into pivotal elements and strategic approaches in implementing it.

Encompassing diverse topics such as crafting a sales canvas, segmenting customer personas, conducting thorough market analyses, implementing a methodical discovery process, deploying effective closing techniques, and formulating after-sales engagement strategies, the module serves as a robust foundation for learners to construct a holistic sales strategy that optimizes their performance.

Upon completion of the module, learners will not only possess theoretical knowledge but will also acquire practical expertise in Omni-Channel Solution Sales. They will adeptly create customer persona profiles, conduct meticulous market research, execute a structured discovery process, employ successful closing techniques, and devise post-sales engagement strategies, thereby elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The module’s distinctive feature lies in its project component, which furnishes learners with hands-on opportunities to apply their acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. These projects entail tasks such as formulating questionnaires for customer persona profiles, conducting interviews or surveys with existing customers, analyzing market trends and competitor strategies, and designing training materials to educate sales representatives on effective closing techniques.

By emphasizing practical application, the module aims to empower learners to not only understand but also implement a comprehensive sales strategy. This strategy is tailored to augment overall sales performance by harnessing the power of solution-oriented sales techniques. The project tasks, including Omnichannel Solution Sales Campaign Planning, Solution Sales Campaign Budgeting, Agile Solution Sales Management, Omni-Channel Solution Sales Campaign Implementation, and Sales Campaign Assessment & Optimization, collectively contribute to a dynamic and impactful learning experience.

Knowledge, Skill, Ability Summary

At the end of the course, you will be able to acquire the following:


  • Develop customer persona profiles, showcasing proficiency in creating tailored representations based on diverse customer segments.
  • Apply thorough market research skills, demonstrating the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data for strategic decision-making.
  • Implement a structured discovery process, showcasing proficiency in uncovering client needs and aligning them with solution-oriented sales approaches.
  • Formulate effective closing techniques, illustrating advanced skills in navigating complex sales scenarios to secure successful outcomes.
  • Design training materials for sales representatives, demonstrating the ability to educate and empower teams on effective solution-oriented sales techniques.
Implement a comprehensive Omni-Channel Solution Sales strategy, integrating knowledge and skills to optimize overall sales performance effectively.

Blended Learning Journey
(60.5 Hours)


4 Hours

Flipped Class


Mentoring Support
Assignment (Sync)


Mentoring Support
Project Mentoring (Sync)

38 Hours

Mentoring Support
Project Implementation (Async)

14 Hours


0.5 Hours

Module Summary

Other Information
  • SSG Module Reference No: TGS-2023019829
  • Module Validity Date: 31 Jan 2025
Module Session Plan

Target Audience & Prerequisite

Target Audience

  • Individuals seeking to acquire digital marketing skills or transition into a career in digital marketing.


  • Academic: Minimum one credit in N Level or its equivalent
  • English Proficiency: Minimum IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent
  • Age: Minimum 21 years
  • Work Experience: Not mandatory

Graduation Requirements

Each learner must meet the following requirements to secure academic qualifications and eduCLaaS job role certification.
  • Minimum 75% attendance in all sessions.
  • Minimum pass grade in the summative assessment of each module


Academic Qualification NIL
Statement of Attainment
Capstone Project -Solution Sales
  • ICT-SNM-4008-1.1: Marketing Strategy
Industry Skills Certification
  • WSQ Install and Configure Server (SF)
    AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • WSQ Administer Server (SF)
    AZ-800: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure
  • WSQ Configure Advanced Server (SF)
    AZ-801: Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services
  • WSQ Cloud Administration (SF)
    AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
  • WSQ Security Administration (SF)
    SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
EduCLaaS Job Role Certification
Associate Cloud Administrator

Other Information

SSG Course Reference No: TGS-2023019829
Course Validity Date: 31 Jan 2025
Course Developer: Lithan Academy

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