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CLaaS@Work for Digital Skills

On demand competency curriculum, practitioner mentors and learning technology for workplace digital skills acceleration.

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TRANSFORM now and gain SUCCESS tomorrow!">TRANSFORM now and gain SUCCESS tomorrow!

In order to stay competitive and relevant, organisations need to embrace technologies, refine processes and to retain and groom skilled talents. Traditional methods may not yield the desirable results but with Lithan's tested and proven CLaaS@Work, organisations will be armed with future ready elements to compete in a competitive international arena.

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Lithan's Digital Workplace Transformation Solutions

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Lithan's workplace transformation consultants helps businesses and organisations analyse, envision and plan for the future of the workplace.

Our highly experienced consultants guide and advise organisations through technology adoption, workplace learning management, curriculum contextualisation, OJT blueprint design and implementation.

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Digital transformation is changing the way enterprises build and develop their workforce.

With a carefully planned and tailored technology strategy, organisations will experience transformational improvements in organisational agility and work processes.

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With modern technologies in place, Lithan's consultants help organisations develop and implement agile digital practices so that organisations can respond to market changes faster, deliver higher quality products and services and gain significant competitive edge to achieve speed to market results.

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Modern workplace learning uses technology to give employees access to knowledge and training so they can lead their own continuous improvement.

Lithan's CLaaS@Work allows the ease of continuous learning at the workplace through carefully contextualised materials that learners can learn anytime, anywhere on demand.

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We help enterprises identify the digital skills gaps and plug them into qualified permanent jobs placement and contingent talents sourcing.