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Work Based Learning

We deliver skills utilisation at the workplace with the implementation of Work Based learning pedagogy for improved KSAs - Knowledge, Skills and Ability. Our learners progress from knowledge acquisition in the classroom to higher order skills application and on-the-job skills mastery at the workplace using real-life projects.

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Blended Delivery

CLaaS® supports blended learning delivery including self-paced e-Learning, instructor-led flipped classes and personal mentoring. It enables working professionals to embark on non-invasive, just-enough and just-in-time continuous learning at the workplace.

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Workplace Learning

as A Service

Workplace Learning as a Service delivers on-demand competency-based curriculum, practitioner mentors and advanced learning technology to bridge the digital skills gap in digital business, innovation management, software development, systems administration, business applications, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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SkillsFuture Funding

Our programmes are supported by SkillsFuture with course fee funding of up to 90% for selected courses and training programmes.