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At Lithan Hall Academy, you get more than just learning. We promise you an experience you'll never forget.
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I'm also considering what else I should do with the knowledge that I've learnt. 

Arifin Othman
Professional Diploma in ERP

In my current job, I am hoping that my company will see me as a potential after this course.

Lukman Rahman
Professional Diploma in ERP

I understand that for the course I am doing, it's relevant in all sectors and industries, which is why I am quite excited.

Ray Lee
Professional Diploma in ERP

I was doing mainly financial accounting work in SAP, but I am currently the team lead for procurement.

Shah Nizam
Professional Diploma in ERP

I keep learning things by heart... Until... I get this opportunity from Workforce Development Agency (WDA). I'm so happy to continue.

Ishamuddin Khan Bin Hassan
Express IT

If I can make it, then why not?

Muhammad Faizal
Express IT

IT is always growing and there are always endless opportunities in IT. I feel like this is definitely one of those things that I should get into

Muhammad Nur Hafiz Bin Khamsani
Express IT

That [confidence] makes me feel much more open. I become more flexible . . . I am no longer rigid.

Rosli Bin Abdul Majid
Express IT

This is the life I want in IT ... you get more time with your family.

Shafiee Bin Yahya
Express IT

They should definitely start by taking courses, because I think that, that's the easier way.

Siti Nur Ameera
Express IT

If you are looking for a job, Lithan Hall Academy is the best, which can put you in the right path

Sree Lakshmi
Express IT

I want to study as well as work, so that I can apply what I study.

Mohammad Monsoer
Express IT

As a start-up, you have many things to take note (of),

Chia Xian Min
Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship

Working with a start up, you (will) learn key things that you usually don't learn from multinational companies...

Geok Loon Ching
Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship

The most interesting thing I benefited from this course was how to translate an idea into a business plan and with perseverance, it actually materialized.

Sim Wee Leng
Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship

This course really helped me because I'm very new in this kind of field . . . I (now) understand that you can't just go into a market just like that.

Lenawaty Tan
Professional Diploma in Technology Sales and Marketing