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1. Conditions of application for the work-study degree


 Conditions of refund for the USD $3,600

Lithan undertakes to provide a refund up to USD $3,600 on the paid course fees for a Customer who has joined the Programme, if, after the end of their 4-year study they do not earn at least USD $3,600 during their course of study, Lithan will pay the remaining balance if the Customer satisfies, in good faith, all of the following conditions:


- Successfully completed the course, including capstone project.


- Have not rejected more than 2 times an opportunity for an interview;
- Have not rejected more than 2 times any work opportunity;
- The Customer would need to in their best effort show that they are actively seeking work or projects by submitting 5 application per week. A detailed report of the job placement interviews to be sent to Lithan (admissions@lithan.com) at least once every 14 days. This report must include all of the correspondence and interviews by all means; a list of all the Companies contacted including their names, addresses, sectors of activity, relevant dates and the answers received;

- The Customer must respect Lithan’s Terms of Use; Code of Conduct; Lithan’s instructions, including, should Lithan deem it necessary, the obligation to follow Lithan career resource courses when such resources would be available;
- The Customer must declare and certify on their honour that on the day that he/she requests for a fee refund, he/she has neither received, nor refused, nor accepted, nor failed to reply to, a Job offer, during or prior to the Programme. 


2. "Guaranteed earnings" Terms and Conditions

Guaranteed earnings are subjected to Customer performance during their work-study journey and is dependent on local market conditions as well as the average wage that is accepted by the industry.

Lithan can only provide her best effort to have the maximum pay range for each customer.