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Support and Maintain IT Infrastructure

NICF - Support and Maintain IT Infrastructure
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Program Overview

This Certificate course aims at providing career-centric qualifications to IT professionals, who would like to be an expert in IT Infrastructure Support. Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to assume the targeted job roles and proceed to take the relevant advanced certification course.

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  • Program Benefits

    On completion of this course, students should be able to describe the processes of establishing and using a troubleshooting methodology, and define the EDST job role and responsibilities, troubleshoot startup issues on a Windows computer ,client-configuration failures and group policy object (GPO) application issues, hardware device and device driver issues, network connectivity issues ,remote connectivity issues, logon and resource access issues , OS and Application issues, and performance issues.

  • Target Job Roles

    Students, upon completion of the course, should be able to assume the following job roles:

    •   IT Support Technician
    •   Desktop Support Technician
  • Program Objectives

    Students will be able to acquire the following knowledge and skills after completing this module:

    • Troubleshooting windows 8.1
    • Resolving hardware device and device driver issues
    • Configure and troubleshoot network connections
    • Troubleshoot user sign-in issues and the application of user desktop settings.
    • Troubleshoot virtual private network (VPN) connections, Network Access Protection (NAP), and Direct Access.
    • Troubleshoot file access issues, file permissions issues, and printer access issues
    • Recover files in Windows 8.1, and recover a computer running Windows 8.1
  • Mode and Duration

    24 hrs (21 hrs training + 3 hrs assessment)

  • Course Modules

    Students will acquire the knowledge and skills in:

    • Implementing a troubleshooting Methodology
    • Troubleshooting hardware device, device driver, and performance issues
    • Troubleshooting Remote connectivity Issues
    • Troubleshooting Logon and Resource Access Issues
    • Trouble shooting Security Issues
    • Troubleshooting Operating System and Application Issues
  • Delivery Schedule and Method

    Delivery Schedule:


    Each module will be delivered in 7 evening sessions of 3 hrs each.
    7 pm to 10 pm
    1 or 2 sessions in a week


    Delivery Method:


    Students will be trained by industry professionals. They have minimum 5 years of domain experience in consulting or in training within a specific industry. Trainers also have relevant industry certification and ACTA.


    Trainer-Student ratio is maintained at 1:60 for theory and 1: 30 for practical

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements
    • Students must have a completed a minimum A level or Polytechnic Diploma qualification
    • Students with Diploma in Engineering, IT, Finance with or without experience may apply.
  • Certificates Issued

    Following awards will be issued to students after successfully completing the assessment:

    • IT-IS-305S-1  Locate equipment, system and software faults
    • IT-IS-306S-1  Maintain equipment and software in working order
  • Education Pathway

    Students can enrol into further modules to get NICF – Advance Certificate IT Services ( Infrastructure Support )

  • Graduation Requirements

    Students must complete and successfully pass all modules. Students, upon failing, will need to take the module again. An additional charge applies in such cases. For SSG-funded students, they must successfully pass or deemed Competent (C) in all units

  • Program Fee

  • Brochures

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