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Innovation is a new idea, device, or process that provides better solutions to problems. It may be the result of the fusion of several ideas to come up with a more novel idea that solves problems and impacts society in a positive way. The light bulb and the internal combustion engine are industrial age innovations. Google's search algorithm and Facebook's social media platform are innovations in today's Information Age. Be an innovator and be an agent of transformation.

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Market Trend

Every day, more and more tech innovations are appearing; 3D imagery, 3D Printing, Google's Project Loon, Paypal, Apple Pay, for example. Tech innovations are redefining jobs, creating new job roles, and making some jobs obsolete. They're also transforming industries. Those that don't transform die (think Nokia). That's why innovative workers are so valuable. When you specialize in innovation, you focus on building creativity and problem-solving skills, improving your communication and collaboration skills, and bringing ideas to market.

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