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Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and managing a business. Entrepreneurship includes the ability to come up with a business plan, raise funds, provide leadership and being responsible for the venture's success (or failure). It also entails the ability to market and sell products. Entrepreneurs exist within an ecosystem consisting of other entrepreneurs, their customers, the government, business associations, educators, investors, and lending institutions.

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Market Trends

Tech entrepreneurship in Asia is booming. According to a TechinAsia article, there were massive fundraising deals in Southeast Asia. Lazada raised US$250 million from Temasek. Indonesian ecommerce leader Tokopedia raised US$100 million from Sequoia Capital and Softbank. GrabTaxi grabbed US$250 million from Softbank as well. There were also fundraising deals in the US$10 million valuation and above range, such as Redmart and Bukalapak.


Startup founders are enterprising individuals, bent on changing the world. Learn to be an entrepreneur.

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