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"If you are looking for a job, Lithan can help put you on the right path"

Sreelakshmi moved to Singapore from India but despite having a degree in computer science, she lacked experience in Singapore's IT industry and was unable to find employment. She enrolled in Express IT and after completion, secured a job with IBM during Lithan's recruitment drive. Sreelakshmi realizes practical knowledge more applicable than just theory and also recommends Lithan for anyone facing difficulty in employment or career advancement.


  • Sree Lakshmi, Express IT

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"Applying what I studied when I am at work"

Monsoer worked in Starhub but found his job stagnant and unfulfilling. Thus he started seeking another job but had insufficient qualifications with the industry's advancement. Monsoer took up Express IT for better career opportunities and was rewarded after completion when he landed a job with D&S Solution. Being able to apply the knowledge he gained in the practical field, Monsoer looks forward to furthering his studies and recommends Lithan to his friends.


  • Mohammad Monsoer, Express IT

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"Glad I chose Lithan"

After working for three years in a manufacturing industry, I finally decided to do SAP as it has a huge demand in the market but I wasn't sure if my experience was enough to face the challenges in SAP. Initially it seemed challenging to complete in a month but gradually I coped with the trainer's help and can easily understand the course material. I'm glad I met Asma Shaikh who guided me through this right from start to the end.

  • Jagdev Patil, SAP MM

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"My entire experience with Lithan was amazing"

I am glad that I opted for Lithan Genovate for my SAP FI certification and additional specialization offered with SAP SD. 

The overall course PCERP (Professional Certificate In Enterprise Resourse Planning) really helped me to perform better during my interview, as I became truly aware of implementation & cross integration. 

I realised that this is a job oriented program designed considering the current market opportunities in SAP. All the members of this institute are very supportive and friendly and always give good and genuine advice. 

 I have successfully completed SAP FI certification with 99% and I would like to give credit to Ltihan for my success.

  • Sunil Gambhire, PCERP

"The proactive approach of Lithan is highly commendable"

Ms. Asma helped in each step before, during and after the training. My training experience was amazing. Our instructor, Mr. Sunil Asagekar was very helpful. 

He stayed with us after training hours whenever we needed clarification with all our doubts.
Thank you Lithan, for taking great care of us and ensuring that we were in good hands during our training.

  • Akshay Jangle, SAP ABAP

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"Grateful for the guidance and support given"

I am a proud SAP Certified SAP MM consultant from Lithan. The entire experience from training to certification was truly amazing. The career guidance provided by Swati and Asma really helped me to go ahead for SAP MM confidently. Our instructor Mr. Sudhir Sakalkar was supportive throughout the course with his constant guidance. Thank you Team Lithan for this exposure which will aid me through my professional life.

  • Avinash Bhagwate, SAP MM

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"As a start-up, there's many things to note"

Xian Min was sponsored by her company to attend Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship and acquired technical skills which were applicable in a start-up. There's many things to note in a start-up so in addition to practical skills, she also gained financial knowledge, enabling her to create competent business models and uncontested market space for her company. Xian Min wishes to continue upgrading her skills with Lithan if given the opportunity.


  • Chia Xian Min, Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship

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"Moving forward with Lithan"

It was great to do my certification with Lithan. It was possible only because of Mr. Nitin Khade. Everyone was easygoing and friendly with necessary experience and qualifications for teaching. Mr. Jay Prakash had 100% faith that every student would complete with good score. I got placed in of the STCI Primary Dealer Ltd with Lithan's help and I am determined to become a successful SAP Basis. I am proud to be a part of this vibrant, unique and culturally friendly community.

  • Nitin Sakpal, SAP

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"ERP is relevant in all sectors and industries!"

Ray was a financial analyst and developed a keen interest in finance. Studying PDERP enables him to prepare for his dream career and acquire practical experience in ERPS. The programme has provided further business knowledge and integration. After PDERP, he intends to move on to Master of Business (ERP) which would bring him closer to his future aspiration as a financial controller.


  • Ray Lee, Professional Diploma in ERP

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"I'm deciding what's my next step. Should I join another company?"

Mr Arifin was a systems administrator and often encountered ERP systems in his job since 1998. He realized ERP skills were in demand so he enrolled in PDERP to add value to his employability.

The skills he acquired helped make his career path more flexible. After completion, he is pursuing Master of Business (ERP) with Lithan to further widen his career opportunities, increase his confidence and contribution to his future.

  • Arifin Othman, Professional Diploma in ERP

"I hope my company will see me as a potential"

Completing PDERP has allowed Lukman academic progress and stronger career foundation, increasing his knowledge of the SAP ERP world.He is now pursuing Master of Business (ERP), increasing his SAP ERP skills and enabled him to take on more.

He hopes this can help improve his opportunities and potential in the company.

  • Lukman Rahman, Professional Diploma in ERP

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"Enabling career switch and upgrade with ERP skills"

Taking a break from financial accounting, Nizam enrolled in PDERP for additional skills like ABAP and sales and distribution. This allowed him to be trusted with projects that requires these skills and being promoted to the team leader for procurement. Armed with more comprehensive knowledge, he is able to apply them to his work. Nizam is now pursuing Master of Business (ERP) to further benefit his career growth.

  • Shah Nizam, Professional Diploma in ERP

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"I have been learning things myself until this opportunity from SSG"

Isshamudin took 7 years to learn IT by himself before getting the opportunity to take Express IT at Lithan. He worked as a freelancer for IT troubleshooting but due to financial constraints, he never got professional training. With SSG's support, he completed the programme. Armed with the knowledge and technical qualifications from Express IT, he has secured a job with Hewlett-Packard, allowing him to perform more efficiently in his career.

  • Ishamuddin Khan Bin Hassan, Express IT

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"If I can, then why not?"

Faizal was an assistant engineer before realizing his interest in IT. He enrolled in Express IT after a seminar by Lithan and is now the IT executive in Beauty Language with the knowledge he gained from the programme. 


Faizal plans to pursue more courses on network and server management at Lithan and directs his efforts to working towards a longer term career goal and a better future.

  • Muhammad Faizal, Express IT

"IT is growing and there are always endless opportunities in IT"

Hafiz was a diploma holder in the science industry but realized a degree is needed for better career prospects. He tried other industries but also concluded the same. 

Eventually, Hafiz enrolled in Express IT as he finds there are endless opportunities in IT. He intends to further his knowledge of IT after this course to enhance his qualifications and climb higher in the IT industry.

  • Muhammad Nur Hafiz Bin Khamsani, Express IT

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"Having confidence in IT allows more flexibility"

Rosli was in the service industry but found it unrewarding thus moving on to sales. Unfortunately, the company closed down and he found himself unemployed. Rosli enrolled in Express IT after attending a job fair and is now equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to face the challenges in his new job. He finds having these skills enabled him to become more flexible and intends to take more courses at Lithan.


  • Rosli Bin Abdul Majid, Express IT

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"This is the life I want; in IT you get more time for your family."

Shafiee was a chef but found the work hours demanding thus he decided to switch careers. He started his venture into IT by enrolling in Express IT. Lithan assisted Shafiee with a job placement such that he could have a steady income while studying. The IT skills he learnt helped Shafiee fit well into his new job and he has more time for his family now. He hopes to progress more in IT and continue his lifelong learning with Lithan.


  • Shafiee Bin Yahya, Express IT

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"Take an IT course for an easier way into the IT industry"

Ameera has a diploma in electronic engineering but was unable to find a job in IT despite her keen interest. Joining Express IT allowed her to gain hands-on experience and also, technical qualifications to pursue an IT career. With Lithan's recruitment drives, she was given a successful placement as an IT engineer. Ameera aims to further her studies to advance her career in IT advises others that IT courses is the stepping stone to a future in IT.


  • Siti Nur Ameera, Express IT

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"Working with a start-up, you learn things you can't learn from an MNC"

Loon Ching had 13 years of experience in the manufacturing industry but decided to switch careers after hearing about Lithan's ‘Place-and-Train' programme which combines technopreneurship and job placement in a tech environment. While completing the Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship, Loon Ching started working at Teamie and expresses fulfillment in this new environment, recommending this programme to people who are uncertain about making the jump.


  • Geok Loon Ching, Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship

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"Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge"

Lenawaty was new to the sales and marketing sector in her job at Design Prodigy, a digital agency for healthcare. With the Professional Diploma in Sales and Marketing, she acquired a holistic development of her skills. Lenawaty found the course enjoyable and the lecturers proficient. The knowledge and skills Lenawaty learnt made her even more proficient in her professional field despite her initial unfamiliarity with this field.


  • Lenawaty Tan, Professional Diploma in Technology Sales and Marketing