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Earn & Learn to an International Tech Degree

An integrated work-study programme where you start working even before graduation.
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  • Overview

    Traditional academic education no longer delivers work ready graduates. 96% of college provosts think their graduates are work ready but only 11% of business leaders strongly agree (2014 Gallup).


    Your exciting journey starts with a 6 months of full time on campus study in, followed by 6 month full time on campus bootcamp where you acquire practical digital skills. After the bootcamp, you’ll apply what you learnt as a full time apprentice for the next 6 months. The next 12 months will be a combination of studying and working to deepen your skills. The learning journey includes a 14-day study visit to Singapore each year. Our competency-based qualifications deliver practical skills to support top ranked future tech jobs in Computing with accreditation towards degrees offered by more than 100 internationally recognised universities. 


    Lithan delivers affordable learning towards an international degree where you earn while you learn. We also offer attractive scholarships and interest free study loans for students who excel in Mathematics and English.

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  • Future Ready Digital Career  

    Top Ranked high growth high pay jobs in Web Development

  • Earn while you Learn with Integrated Work-Study Programme

    Work-integrated learning to deliver industry relevant skills for future jobs

  • International Credential Recognised by more than 100 Universities

    Complete your Diploma in Computing & Systems Development to enter the pathway to an internationally recognised qualification with progression and credit transfer to over 100 Universities in United kingdom and Australia for your Bachelor’s Degree

  • Overseas Exposure with Study Visit to Singapore

    Gain cross-cultural exposure; boost your English language proficiency through study visits and optional supervised career specific work placement abroad
  • Attractive Scholarships and Interest Free Loans

    Lithan's Study Loans and Scholarship grants complement our work study programme where you start earning six months after enrolment to deliver affordable learning

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Blended Learning Components

Online, learners can engage in self-paced e-learning with 24/7 access to econtent. For learners who need more help, virtual tutors will be available to provide 1-on-1 support regarding course materials or technical matters.


Offline, learners will attend flipped class lectures. By preparing for class, learning will be more active and effective as guidance can be given to ensure the correct skills are learnt. Through mentoring workshops which range from group mentoring sessions to 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, learners can be assured that assignments and projects can be completed effectively using relevant skills.


With access to our virtual labs, learners will be able to practice on proprietary software hands-on. Each learner will also be part of our peer-2-peer forums to engage in guided peer to peer learning with additional help from mentors and learning facilitators.


Finally, through assessments, learners can ensure that their knowledge is retained, learning outcomes are achieved and progress towards skills mastery.

Blended Learning Components
Blended Delivery Modes

We have 5 delivery modes to provide a complete online and offline learning experience. First, face-to-face delivery with campus lectures, mentoring sessions and short group work sessions. Second, live-stream delivery for online flipped classroom and online live mentoring. Third, self-paced delivery as leaners have access to learning materials and video lessons online. Fourth, helpdesk support for 1-on-1 guidance for course material questions and technical issues and finally, peer-2-peer delivery with forums for discussions with coursemates.

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  • Web Developers design, create, and modify web applications. They analyse user needs to implement web applications content, graphics, performance, and capacity. They integrate web applications with other computer applications. They bring together code and multimedia content by integrating written, graphic, audio, and video components. 


    Web Development jobs ranked #4 cited in US News


Course Modules


Business Skills for E-commerce

Computer Systems

Employability and Professional Development

Systems Analysis and Design

Procedural Programming

Website Design

Object Oriented Programming

Database Design Concepts

Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation

E-Commerce Strategy

Web Applications Development

Distributed Software Applications

Programming in Java

Programming in . NET

Networking Infrastructure

IT Virtualisation


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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why should I take Lithan’s Earn & Learn Programme?

    A: - Lithan’s Earn & Learn Programme is an integrated work-study programme that transforms you to be a talent for the tech-driven future.
    - It gives you the opportunity to start work before graduation, hence you will be able to earn an income. Moreover, the experience garnered at the related workplace will make you more employable upon graduation.
    - You can gain valuable  exposure which is an added merit in the eyes of a future employer.
    - You will receive competency-based credentials with accreditation (from BTEC) towards degrees offered by more than 100 internationally recognized universities.
    - You will be provided with personal guidance and support by your tutor, who will also help you meet deadlines and reach your full potential.
  • Q: What Earn & Learn programmes can I take?

    A:  Lithan currently offers the following specialisations:

    Applications Development, one of the highly sought after jobs by employers in the market.

    Network Engineering, a critical function that every company needs.

  • Q: How is Lithan’s Earn & Learn programme different from other BTEC providers?

    A: Lithan values the importance of employability even before graduation hence we provide extensive work experience locally and globally, all this while still studying!
  • Q: What language is the programme conducted in?

    A: Currently programmes are only available in English.
  • Q: How do I enrol into Lithan’s Earn & Learn programme?

    A: Leave your contact with us and we will help you with the enrolment process!
  • Q: Why is Lithan’s interest free study loan only for foundation and 1st year tuition fee only? What about the other years?

    A: Lithan is confident that by the end of the 1st year, you will be able financially self-sufficient in learning and earning your international degree. You only start repaying your study loan after you earned at least MYR2,500/ month.
  • Q: Who is Lithan?

    A: Our mission is to develop future ready skills and talents for the new digital economy. Through Competency Learning as a Service (CLaaS), we deliver Competency-based Curriculum, Work-integrated Applied Learning, and Personalized Blended Learning over the cloud, on-demand. We measure our success on our ability to enhance our learners’ job performance and deliver tangible outcomes for their employers.
  • Q: What is BTEC?

    A: - BTEC stands for 'Business and Technology Education Council’. They are study and work-related courses, designed to accommodate the needs of employers and allow learners to progress to further and higher education.
    - It is awarded by Pearson, UK's largest awarding organisation offering academic, vocational and work-based learning qualifications.
    - BTECs are extremely reputable, having been around for 25 years now, so rest assured you will be embarking on an excellent course.
  • Q: Where is BTEC accepted?

    A:  - BTEC qualifications are fully recognised - you can convert your HND to a bachelor's degree with extra study.
    - Once you complete your course, HNDs can allow entry into the second or third year of a bachelor's degree.:


    - Entry to 134 courses at 324 Universities depending on your BTEC HND course choice
    - https://degreecoursefinder.pearson.com

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