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Be a Startup Entrepreneur.

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    Digital disruption really means new business opportunities. There is no better time to realize ones’ entrepreneural aspirations. Individuals seeking to create startups have access to acceleration programmes, training, networking with potential partners and opportunities to pitch to investors.


    This is an intensive programme for individuals to acquire startup skills, develop your idea and seek market validation with mentoring support from startup practitioners. You will also learn how to create a minimum viable product (MVP) to go to market. Aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals in entrepreneurship roles in organisations also learn digital marketing strategies and gain innovation & entrepreneurship insights.


    You can receive up to 95% SkillsFuture funding for our entrepreneurship courses. Organizations can also enjoy 90% funding for sponsoring their employees' training.

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What is it


Our 3 months Startup Bootcamp provides you with the following essential skills to:

        •  Create an investor friendly business plan

        •  Define and implement product marketing & sales strategy

        •  Go to market with your business idea

        •  Be guided by experienced mentors who are industry experts



What you will learn


Our Innovative Venture Creation training helps you to grip key understanding of innovative business model. You will be exposed to various lean methodologies & techniques and learn:

          •  How to apply Lean Canvas concepts,

          •  Create Go-to-market strategies,

          •  Understanding financial viability and

          •  Fund raising.



The Product Marketing & Sales module enables you to master skills required for defining and implementing a Product Marketing Strategy and create a Sales Kit for an enterprise or start-up. You will learn:

          •  Product Marketing Strategy through the use of Sales Canvas

          •  To Engage Sales through the use of Sales pitch

          •  To review successful sales, review their strategy and engagement tactics



Our Agile Minimum Viability Product (MVP) Design equips you with the concepts of designing your product using Agile approach. You will learn how to:

          •  Define your product outcomes & features list

          •  Build a MVP & test it

          •  Analyse users, customers & competitors

          •  Market & sell using MVP financials


What is it


We also offer a 3 month Professional Diploma in Startup Entrepreneurship programme, for aspiring entrepreneurs or people looking for entrepreneurship role in Organisations through SSG funding.


What you will learn


In addition to learning Innovative Venture Creation, Product Marketing & Sales, Agile Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Design, covered in the Startup Bootcamp, you will also be learning:


          •  Basic Digital Marketing

          •  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Insights

          •  Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Capstone Project

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