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Future Ready your career with Data Science skills!

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  • Business decisions are now powered by data. They form the critical basis for any day to day decision made by companies worldwide. That is the reason why Data Science skills are some of the most sought after competencies in the business world today.


    To equip you with in-demand Data Science skills, we provide data analytics course encompassing of Statistical Modelling, Data Visualization, R Programming, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, Apache Spark in Microsoft Azure HDInsight and many others. 


    We deliver affordable learning pathway with up to 95% SSG funding or employer sponsorship. Job placement service is available as well for individuals who are seeking transition to a data science career. 

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As the ability to analyse data becomes critical across most tech and business functions, acquiring the skills in Data Science becomes an important aspect to stay relevant in today’s data driven landscape.  


  • No prior data science experience is needed to gain entry into this course!


Our Express Data Science will equip you with workplace competencies through understanding key concepts and mastering essential practical skills: 


  • Understanding the data analytics lifecycle, techniques and tools through Azure Machine Learning.
  • Exploration of data using a variety of visualization, analytical, and statistical techniques through Transact-SQL and MS Excel.
  • Utilizing R to perform data analysis, data visualization and improve Machine Learning Models on Azure.


You may also want to study the following modular courses for bite-sized data analytics skills learning:



As a Data Analyst / Scientist, you are responsible for modeling complex business or real-life problems, discovering business insights and identifying opportunities using statistical, algorithmic and visualisation techniques. These insights will greatly enhance enterprises’ decision-making ability in our ever-changing business landscape. You will be using open-source modeling language like R for analyzing and visualising the results.


You will work with IT teams, Project or Program Managers, Business Leaders and Managers of Organisations to turn data into Business-critical Information and Knowledge that can be used for making business decisions.



    Other responsibilities of a Data Analyst / Scientist:

  • Provide data that is congruent and reliable
  • Discover new patterns from large data sets and propose innovative ways to look at problems
  • Validate your findings using an experimental and iterative approach
  • Present your findings to the business by their assumptions and validation

    A Data Analyst / Scientist requires business focus, strong analytical and problem solving skills and programming knowledge to be able to quickly cycle hypothesis through the discovery phase of the project. You should also have excellent written and communications skills to report the insights after analysis.


Prior ICT experience is required to gain entry into this job role.


Our Professional Diploma in Data Science will equip you with the following knowledge and skills required to be a Data Analyst / Scientist:

  • Understand Data Science concepts and learn how to create data models, querying data with Transact-SQL, visualize data using Excel and perform statistical modelling.
  • Learn how to build, evaluate, and optimize machine learning models; including classification, regression, clustering, and recommendation.
  • Learn R programming to handle data structures, create data visualizations and perform predictive analytics.
  • Build and derive insights from machine learning models using R and Azure Machine Learning.
  • Use Spark in Microsoft Azure HDInsight to create predictive analytics and machine learning solutions.

    This qualification is delivered through a “Place and Train” mode where you will be placed in a data science job role and get subsidized by your employer on the qualification training required. This “Place and Train” mode is supported by WSG’s Professional Conversion Programme (PCP).



You may also want to study the following modular courses for bite-sized data analytics skills learning:

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Our blended learning solution combines online content and e-learning with offline, face-to-face learning.


Online, learners can engage in self-paced e-learning with 24/7 access to econtent. For learners who need more help, virtual tutors will be available to provide 1-on-1 support regarding course materials or technical matters.


Offline, learners will attend flipped class lectures. By preparing for class, learning will be more active and effective as guidance can be given to ensure the correct skills are learnt. Through mentoring workshops which range from group mentoring sessions to 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, learners can be assured that assignments and projects can be completed effectively using relevant skills.


With access to our virtual labs, learners will be able to practice on proprietary software hands-on. Each learner will also be part of our peer-2-peer forums to engage in guided peer to peer learning with additional help from mentors and learning facilitators.


Finally, through assessments, learners can ensure that their knowledge is retained, learning outcomes are achieved and progress towards skills mastery.


We have 5 delivery modes to provide a complete online and offline learning experience. First, face-to-face delivery with campus lectures, mentoring sessions and short group work sessions. Second, livestream delivery for online flipped classroom and online live mentoring. Third, self-paced delivery as leaners have access to learning materials and video lessons online. Fourth, helpdesk support for 1-on-1 guidance for course material questions and technical issues and finally, peer-2-peer delivery with forums for discussions with coursemates.

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