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Future IT jobs demands talents with deep tech skills

  • The workforce of the future is going to be radically different.


    Increasingly sophisticated machine-learning technology will also displace white-collar workers. Therefore, even tech professionals need to keep pace with the emerging new technology such as big data, AI and virtual reality which are expected to render old jobs obsolete and create new ones. 


    The digital economy demands IT professionals with deep tech and cross-functional skills to fill in the new jobs that are emerging across various industries.


    Businesses worldwide are looking for professionals with data analytics and cloud based skill sets that can support business and technological transformations to stay competitive in a highly agile marketplace.


    To keep abreast with the changes, tech professionals will need to constantly reskill and upgrade themselves to stay relevant.

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Emerging Tech Skills
Cloud Admin

The Cloud Administrator provides monitoring and support for cloud environments - including security configurations, patching and troubleshooting as well as support for test labs for our development teams. They will also support the environments of the highly available, customer facing cloud products.


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Web Development

Lithan's Java Web Developer Course provides learners with necessary skills to be a Java Web Developer.


Java developers create complex web-based applications. Some examples include animated drop-down menus, images that change as a mouse moves over them, and sounds that play when clicked. Java is used extensively on e-commerce sites to collect data and validate user information. It is the job of Java developers to use this scripting language to modify the design and functionality of websites as requested by their clients. Java developers may write programs themselves or revise existing applications.


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Data Science

Learn data science fundamentals, key data science tools, and widely-used programming languages from industry and academic experts in this unique program created by Microsoft.


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Artificial Intelligence

<AI Course Writeup>

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Digital Business Career Transition
Digital Marketing

Lithan's Digital Marketing Express provides learners with necessary skills to be a Digital Marketer.


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Digital Business Express

Lithan's Digital Business Express provides learners with necessary skills to be a tranform your business.


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Employer Testimonials

”I think it’s a benefit for everybody involved to join with Lithan. Its a benefit for us, it’s a benefit for Lithan and actually also the students who are studying there who get good on the job training.-

Thomas Feichter, Managing Director, Mspiral


"Lithan has good reputation and has a competency based curriculum for students,It is designed from an employer’s perspective. The knowledge and digital skills learnt is very industry relevant,”

- Grant Kim, Managing Director, Bluestone

Digital Dots

the curriculum based skills leaning is created for the current industry needs, so is designed from employer’s perspective.”- Zaw Win Tun, Managing Director, Digital Dots


“Lithan’s approach is completely different. Even before they get the certificate the students have to work and get the experience of working in a real company doing real projects,”&lt;/p&gt;&lt;p&gt;- Yan Linn Thor, CEO, Evolx

Student Testimonials

 "There's no typical classroom learning. I can get personalised mentoring from industry practitioners. I can access my tutors anytime, from home or from campus, at my own time. ... I am very confident that my career will improve after learning in Lithan." 

-Wayne, Student in Lithan Myanmar

Partner Testimonials


"Lithan is a good partner for us because they really focus on our customers. They know their market, they know what the needs are and what are the kind of offerings they can give to make their people more successful. You look at their CLaaS training model, it allows students to have a very flexible learning path." - Patrick Thomas, Sr Learning Manager, Microsoft

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Corporate Clients

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