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By joining in our program, not only you will learn basic and practical coding skills but also, advanced programming skills and languages such as JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS and Angular JS, and back end skills such as Java, JSP & Servlets skills through a virtual bootcamp. You will undergo a rigorous training to prepare yourself for a Full Stack Web Developer job. You will also get 1 on 1 mentoring in a virtual environment so you can learn and study while you're at home.

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Depending on the criteria you belong to, you will need to go through a bootcamp as part of the Full Stack Web Development program. Non IT graduates have 6 months full-time virtual bootcamp, IT graduates without work-experience have 3 months virtual full-time training while IT experts with at least 2 years work-experience only have 1 month part-time training. After the bootcamp, students will then have to apply as a paid intern to international companies. By doing this, students will have the opportunity to earn USD $100 / month for 6 months.