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Program Overview

A recent MIT Sloan Management report found that organisations using business analytics are more than twice as likely to substantially outperform their competitive peers. Business Intelligence is the "In" thing for big enterprises nowadays: (from 

BI and analytics have deposed cloud computing as top enterprise technology priority for the New Year according to a Gartner survey of 2,335 CIOs in 2012.

The analytics market will also be caught-up in a vast increase in worldwide IT spending, with IDC predicting a 6.9% rise to $1.8 trillion in 2012.

TechTarget's 2012 IT Priorities Survey - which polled more than 2,600 IT professionals and business analysts in a mix of job positions - found that 50% of those surveyed planned on increasing BI spending by 10% or more over the next year.

The demand for Big Data and Business Analytics professionals are so high that Harvard Business Review dubs Data Scientist as "The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century". This short course aims to provide the foundations for IT professionals to quickly jumpstart a Big Data Analytics project in their organizations.

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  • Program Benefits

    This modular course is intended for the students who would like to learn how to store, manage, process and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data for competitive advantage; select and implement the correct Big Data stores; and apply sophisticated analytic techniques and tools to process and analyze big data. It establishes a strong working knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and products associated with Big Data. 

The course provides an overview of how to plan and implement a Big Data solution and the various technologies that comprise Big Data. Many examples and exercises of Big Data systems are provided throughout the course. The programming examples are in Java but the primary focus is on best practices that can be applied to any supported programming language. Those completing this course are encouraged to take an accreditation test on Hadoop's Big Data to obtain a professional certification at any time of their convenience

  • Program Objectives

    Everyone seems to be talking about Big Data these days – the paradigm shift, the order-of-magnitude benefits, the brilliant insights. Is this just hype, or is there really a way to dramatically improve an enterprise's performance by leveraging its data assets? Designed to address the growing need for data analysts, qualified analytics managers and data scientists, each course in this ground-breaking program considers the technical and managerial/organizational aspects of enterprise data management and analytics in parallel. It will challenge both business focused and technically minded participants to broaden their horizons, adopt new ways of thinking and embrace the promise of a smarter, better future achievable through data analytics.

  • Program Outline

    This modular course includes the following topics:

    - Introduction to Big Data
    - Hadoop overview and basic concepts
    - Writing Map Reduce Applications
    - Reducers and Partitioners
    - Hadoop API library
    - Input and output formats
    - Advanced MapReduce features
    - Sqoop, Flume, HBase, Hive and Pig overview
    - Oozie overview

  • Course Modules

    Students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to:

    Explain characteristics of Big Data and

     Perform Hadoop basic cluster configuration
    Execute HDFS commands
    Write and run map reduce applications
    Write a custom practitioner
    Use the tool runner
    Write a Pig script to explore and transform data in HDFS
    Perform unit testing a Mapreduce job with MR unit

    Optimize the Map Reduce jobs
    Write and implement a custom Writable comparable
    Explain advanced Map Reduce jobs
    Import RDBMS Data using Sqoop

  • Delivery Schedule and Method

    Delivery Schedule:

    Full Time: 5 days (Saturdays)

    Delivery Method:

    • This modular course will be delivered as follows:
    • Class room lecture = 50 % of the duration
    • Hands on Tutorials = 50 % of the duration
    • Students who enrol with WDA funding need to complete the assessments at the end of the module (refer details of assessments in unit guide )
    • The students who enrol with WDA funding will be issued SOAs after successfully completing the module.

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements
    • Graduates or Diploma holders who has experience in any of the programming language such as Java PHP, Python or C#. Students must be Singaporean / SPR to avail WDA fundin
  • Certificates Issued

    Those completing this course are encouraged to take an accreditation test on Hadoop's Big Data to obtain a professional certification at any time of their convenience. This is outside the scope of this course.

    Upon successful completion of this module students will be issued with following SOAs:

    • IT-IM-502S-1 Analyse report and trends
    • IT-IM-302S-1 Analyse data and generate reports
  • Education Pathway

    Graduates may opt to pursue more advanced study by enrolling in a future professional diploma in Big Data and Analytics course to be offered by Lithan.

  • Graduation Requirements

    Students must successfully pass or deemed Competent (C) in assessments. Student upon failing will need to take the module again. An additional charge applies in such cases

  • Program Fee

  • Brochures

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