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UKDC joins eduCLaaS platform to develop Glocal (Global Yet Local) Digital Talents


Universitas Katolik Darma Cendika (UKDC), Indonesia signed a memorandum of agreement with eduCLaaS Pte Ltd, the international subsidiary of Lithan Academy from Singapore to jointly offer applied undergraduate degree CLaaS® in Indonesia.


CLaaS® delivers Competency Learning as a Service to support digital upskilling for higher education students, working adults and enterprises in the digital economy. It adopts work-based learning pedagogy with competency-based curriculum for blended learning journeys that deliver tangible career and business outcomes.


Under the partnership, Lithan at UKDC’s campus, will deliver applied degree courses with an international work-study journey where the learners gain up to three years of working experience before graduation.


eduCLaaS’s Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh said “Modern employers require plug and play graduates who could be productive from first day on the job. Our 1+3 work study degree delivers seamless job induction before graduation: with 1 year of intensive skills acquisition bootcamp and 3 years of on-the-job training at the workplace. Our learners are Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents as they engage in borderless learning and working, alongside international learners and employers, supported by over 20 regional campuses from across Asia.”


Mr. Edwin Alexander, Head of Program Study of Information Science, says, “UKDC is a modern progressive institution and we don’t leave any stone unturned in offering our learners the best and the most relevant education. We want our students to be globally competitive and always be ahead in the job market or their social enterprises – hence our collaboration with Lithan for CLaaS degrees is a decision aligned with our goal. We have expectations from this applied education collaboration, and I hope to see prolific results in coming years.”


About Lithan and eduCLaaS


Lithan Academy is an accredited training organization endorsed by various government agencies under Singapore’s ministry of education. We are EduTrust certified by the Council for Private Education (CPE) and a Centre for Continuous Education and Training (CET) appointed by SkillsFuture (SSG) Singapore. We are also an accredited international training center for Pearson UK.


eduCLaaS Pte Ltd is Lithan’s international subsidiary hosting our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform that connects higher education students, working adults, enterprises, employers, and higher education institutions for digital upskilling, digital career progression, digital transformation, and agile workforce development.


Lithan and eduCLaaS have served over 30,000 learners and 2000 enterprises with our network of over 25 campuses across Asia.


About Universitas Katolik Darma Cendika (UKDC)


Universitas Katolik Darma Cendika (UKDC) was established on September 1, 1986. On 7 November 1984 a group of Catholic Scholars and Scholars in Surabaya established the Darma Cendika Foundation, based in Surabaya. This foundation is engaged in 3 (three) fields of activity, namely: Education, Health and Social Field. These are aimed at "Helping the Government" to enhance the intelligence and welfare of the people and the Indonesian nation in the broadest sense. UKDC is committed to integrating teaching and research to improve the welfare of the Indonesian people and its vision is to become a higher education institution that has the best reputation in Indonesia by 2035.

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