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Open Loop, Dual Track Applied Degree Pathway

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Students and graduates can now pursue an international career while concurrently on their learning journey to acquire a university degree from top UK, Australia and other global universities.

"Only about a quarter of college graduates worked in a  field that was directly related to their college major —either students weren't choosing well, or the majors themselves did not correspond to the new kinds of professions emerging... The frequency with which graduates changed careers now required advanced learning at unpredictable periods throughout an individual's life."
– Stanford University

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Study and Work Internationally for a Global Digital Career

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Students and post-diploma graduates can take skills-based certificate and diploma courses mapped to NQF* Levels 4 & 5. These may grant credits for all or some of the units of the first two years of degree programmes offered by top UK, Australia, and other global universities

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  • 6 months in Singapore or home campus

    1.Full time immersive learning on campus to aquire practical digital skills.                                                        

  • 18 months in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Myanmar or China

    2.Applied learning with apprenticeship for an internationally recognized higher national diploma.           

  • 12 months in UK, Singapore or Australia

    3.Gain admission into the final year of an NQF affiliated universities in UK, Australia or Asia. Earn and learn to an internationally recognized degree.


* A National Qualifications Framework is a formal system describing qualifications. 47 countries participating in the Bologna Process are committed to producing a national qualifications framework. - Wikipedia