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Sales Mastery

NICF - Sales Mastery
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Program Overview

This course provides you with conceptual knowledge and practical skills to create an effective sales strategy and sales engagement plan for your organisation. You will learn how to apply a consultative sales approach, bringing products to market more effectively while revamping your sales pitch presentation. In addition, this module will equip you with invaluable skills to successfully position your products or services in competitive markets using best practice sales strategies.

The course is delivered using a blended learning pedagogy, characterised by a high degree of interaction with peers and faculty, personalised mentoring, self-paced e-learning, on-the-job training, and final assessment. On completion of the module, you will have crafted your Sales Kit (an effective sales strategy and engagement plan), validated by industry experts, and be in a position to implement your enhanced sales approach to your organisation.

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  • Program Benefits

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Successfully operate in the entrepreneurial sales ecosystem
    • Apply direct selling methodologies
    • Apply corporate selling methodologies
  • Who should attend

    This course is targeted to:

    • Entrepreneurs requiring systematic methodologies to increase sales
    • Sales professionals needing upgrade of practical skills
    • Individuals intending to start their own companies
  • Course Modules

    The module covers the following broad topics:

    • Gather sales intelligence: systematic practices for the collection and analysis of relevant information to acquire and keep clients to grow the business
    • Direct sales methodology:how to sell directly to customers including generating leads, sales before sales, making approaches, presenting to individual buyer, post sales activities, and developing a personal selling plan
    • Corporate sales methodology:Corporate sales methodology: principles of corporate selling and steps to B2B selling, which includes: prospecting pipeline, qualifying and approaching leads, presentations and negotiation, and servicing of contracts
  • Mode and Duration

    The course total duration is 36 hours delivered in 5 sessions lasting 7.2 hours each

  • Delivery Schedule

  • Delivery Method

    Students will be trained by industry professionals with minimum 5 years of domain experience. The background of trainers ensures that they can add value to the course by sharing expert industry insights. Trainers also have teaching experience and have been trained to conduct engaging sessions.

    This course is delivered by Lithan Singapore, through a flipped classroom methodology comprising

    • Online learning where students review concepts and engage in peer to peer moderated discussions and
    • Active and highly interactive workshop sessions where students work on applying the learned concepts and methodologies to real-life case studies. The learning process is enhanced by constant peer-to-peer collaborative learning.

    By the end of the course, students have not only acquired practical skills ready to be deployed in their job roles, but also a network of like-minded entrepreneurial professionals.

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements
    • Students must have minimum a diploma qualification and minimum 5 years of working experience
    • Students must have a good command of the English language equivalent to IELTS 6
    • Students with an undergraduate qualification taught in English meet the language requirements of the course
  • Certificates Issued

    Upon successful completion of the assessment exercise students will be awarded the following Statements of Attainment (SOA) by SSG:

    • IT-SA-401S-1 Develop Sales Proposals and Quotations
    • IT-AM-401S-1 Build and maintain effective sales relationship
  • Graduation Requirement

    Students will be graded "Competent" (C) or "Not Yet Competent" (NYC). Students graded "Competent" (C)" will be awarded a Statement of Attainment (SOA).

  • Program Fee

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