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Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship (PDT)

NICF - Diploma in Infocomm Sales & Marketing
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Lithan Academy is offering Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship. This NICF qualification programme in Technopreneurship aims to provide knowledge and expertise in Venture Creation, Venture Management and Business Model design. 

If you are interested in job roles related to Technopreneurship Management, Business Development and/or Product Management within a high-tech startup, then enroll in this programme. If you want to gain practical skills, experience and mentorship with the goal of eventually starting the next big high-tech enterprise, enroll in this programme as well. 

Find out how to learn the skills and competencies of a High-tech Entrepreneur. Register now to know more.

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  • Program Benefits

    The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and ability to become a successful entrepreneur for technology products and services. This knowledge comes in handy for individuals seeking exposure to hi tech ventures. Through experiential learning methodology, students will develop relevant and practical skills in technology venture creation, business model innovation, product marketing, sales process and business management framework. Students will be tasked to conduct a real life capstone project where they are required to develop a business plan for the organisation.

  • Program Objectives

    The competencies acquired will provide students with a firm grasp of the knowledge and skills required to perform well in key positions in technology start-ups. This programme enables candidates to attain following outcomes:

    • Create technology venture
    • Develop innovative business model using Lean Canvas
    • Develop go-to-market strategies using practical Product Marketing framework
    • Execute Sales and Internationalisation plans
    • Acquire Business Management skills
  • Program Outline

  • Course Modules

    Develop Innovative Product and Business Model

    Students will gain an understanding of the lean start-up methodology, the rationale behind the framework, and will develop business models comprising the following elements:

    • Identify a market problem and develop a value proposition to meet the demands of targeted market segments
    • Develop an optimal solution to meet customer requirements, identify elements of the solution that cannot be easily copied by the competition, and create diversified revenue streams, and
    • Determine the cost structure, establish key performance metrics, and develop channels to reach customers.

    Studentswill also create your IP and Outsourcing strategy in formulating a new product.


    Practical Product Marketing

    This session will provide students with the necessary practical skills to create an effective digital marketing campaign through growth hacking strategies for products and/or services offered by start-up companies. Students will also learn how to bring products to market more efficiently and effectively using lean marketing methods and how to leverage on offline channels.

    The subjects that will be covered under this section are:

    • Building buyers community
    • Generating marketing leads
    • Converting marketing leads
    • Online marketing channels
    • Growth hacking methodology
    • Offline channels and Distribution

    Technology Sales and Business Development Skills

    Students will be to create a personalised sales kit that comprises of knowing the product, market and the customer and create different sales scenarios, questions and scripts that they can use when engaging prospects at their different stage of buying process.

    The course covers the following:

    • Lean Canvas Introduction
    • Solution/ Problem
    • Competitor Options
    • Value Proposition
    • Buyer Persona
    • Sales Steps
    • Sales Meeting and Handling Objections
    • Customer Relationship Management

    Start up Management

    The module covers the following:

    • Building entrepreneurial leadership - This Section covers the difference between leader, manager and entrepreneur. Students will be exposed to case studies across different industries how leaders and managers play a critical role in the success of an organization. Students will analyse situations using John Kotter's "Force of Management".
    • Business Management - This unit covers holistic understanding of business management. Students will learn to align business activities based on strategic plan by developing business KPIs. Students will learn about sales and marketing process, sales management, preparing budgets and management reports. In this module students will use CRM tool in developing sales management process and establish key business metrics to manage business effectively.
    • Start up Insights - This module comprises a selection of tested case studies, which will give you the insight and the knowledge in adopting some of the best practices. Students will learn and hear from experts on their inside strategies in creating successful ventures. The session provides students with fantastic opportunity to network and connect to the ecosystem.
    • Capstone Project

      The Capstone Project Module is delivered through a combination of review sessions, thought leadership sessions, and mentoring sessions. Through the review sessions lasting a total of 9 hours, students have the opportunity to learn the key concepts and methodologies that will enable them to construct the skeleton of the capstone project. These sessions cover lean canvas, go-to-market strategy, and business viability and scalability.

      Students then work with a mentor to complete the project as per schedule. The role of the mentor is to guide the student throughout the entire process and provide expertise and relevant insights. The student's employer is encouraged to attend the mentoring sessions to provide critical inputs that are business relevant, thereby improving the overall quality and usefulness of the project.

      The thought leadership sessions are conducted by experts in the startup ecosystem who provide case studies for analysis and discussion. Student's benefit from this sessions by understanding how concepts apply in practice and relating to the real challenges faced by Singapore startups and entrepreneurs.

      The final component of the capstone project delivery is a 10 minute pitch to investors followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. All students are required to remain present throughout the 6 duration of the pitch session in order to learn from the business models presented by other companies and benefit from the feedback that the panel of experts and investors will provide.

  • Mode and Duration

    Course Duration: 12 months

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements

    The following may enroll in the course:

    • Fresh university graduates. 
To qualify for admission to the programme, applicants must have a recognized degree or graduate diploma. In the absence of formal academic qualifications, applicants must have training and work experience that would indicate the ability to undertake the programme successfully.
    • Unemployed professionals, managers and engineers who are:
    • Experienced business management professionals seeking opportunities to make a career transition to Hi-Tech or ICT industry in Technopreneurship
    • Professionals in Hi-Tech or ICT industry seeking to acquire skill sets in Product Management, Venture Creation and Sales and Marketing

    This course is open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. Candidates with a Bachelors degree or with Diploma level qualification will be preferred.

    All candidates to the course must submit their updated CV and certificates.

    Candidates must provide copies of highest educational certificates and training certificates. Candidates are also required to provide completed LinkedIn profile.

    Selection of candidates to this course is based on the recommendation of the selection panel and approved by WDA.

    All candidates accepted into the course will need to sign a contract with Lithan Hall Academy and any sponsoring company (for those under the Placement and Training mode). Candidates who are under sponsoring companies will be mentored by a member of senior management of the company who will provide facilitation and coaching at the workplace. During the course and after the course completion students may be required to fill-up and submit documentation on Capstone Project and work surveys. This is meant to measure candidate's progress, productivity and implementation of a business opportunity with the participating company.

  • Certificates Issued

    Students will be issued with NICF Diploma in Infocomm Sales and Marketing. Students will also receive following Statement of Attainment:


  • Graduation Requirements

    Candidates must complete and successfully pass all modules. Candidates enrolled under WDA funding will need to be Competent (C) in all modules.

  • Program Fee

    Full course fees: S$12,000


    For more information on the new WDA Funding, please click here.

    Contact us for more details.

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