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Professional Diploma in Infocomm Sales & Marketing

NICF - Diploma in Infocomm Sales & Marketing
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Program Overview

Embark on a Financially Rewarding Career in Technology Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing is a financially rewarding career path. It is the only career path where you can dictate your own salary!

Why become a Sales and Marketing Professional in the high tech industry?

  • More than 90 percent of Singapore businesses plan to hire sales and marketing professionals this year (based on CIO-Asia, April 17, 2013)
  • Infocomm Sales and Marketing is one of the Top 3 job categories with the highest number of employed professionals and job vacancies available (Based on Singapore IDA's Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower, released April 2011)

Be a Sales and Marketing Professional in the high tech industry.

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  • Program Benefits

    Receive Structured Training in Sales, Marketing, Channels Development and Internationalisation

    • Understand how to develop channels for regional and international business expansion. Learn to effectively manage business channels for lower risk and conflict. Your programme trainers and mentors will be industry practitioners who have successfully developed multimillion dollar business lines from local and international markets.
    • Further to that, your classroom training will be extended by a work-integrated, business environment where learning is a collaborative, community-based experience. Through a social media learning platform, you will interact frequently with your classmates, colleagues, professionals and industry experts in order to discuss insights, transfer knowledge and share business experiences with one another. The business network you gain will be invaluable to you long after you finish this programme.

    Be Part of the Business Development Team of a Technology Venture

    • You will be under full-time employment in a technology enterprise where the skills that you learnt from the programme can be directly applied to your workplace. You will experience first-hand the thrills and challenges building and expanding the business of a technology enterprise under the mentorship of the CEO and/or senior management.
    • Within the technology enterprise, you will work on a Capstone Project where you are required to lead and execute sales and marketing campaigns. You will be guided to design and implement business strategies that increase revenue, develop and execute a regional or international channel strategy to expand your business overseas. Your Capstone Project will have senior executive backing and thus will have a direct positive impact on the organization.


  • Program Objectives

    The competencies acquired will provide candidates with a firm grasp of the knowledge and skills required to perform well in sales and marketing roles in a technology venture. This programme enables candidates to attain the following outcomes:

    • Prepare a comprehensive business plan for new business
    • Develop innovative business model using Lean Canvas
    • Develop go-to-market strategies using practical Product Marketing framework
    • Learn to use Social Media Marketing Strategy and Channels for Internationalisation
    • Acquire sales skills for retail and corporate business


  • Mode and Duration


    "Place & Train" or "Train only"

    Place & Train: This mode is suitable for people who are looking for a full-time employment in a startup.

    Train Only: This mode is suitable for existing employees who wish to nominate your own tech startup to participate in the program.

    Duration: 12 months

    Format: Work Integrated Learning (Full-time work, part-time study)

    Weekday classes are conducted 2-3 times a week, scheduled from 7pm – 10pm and Saturday classes are scheduled from 10am – 1pm or 1pm – 4pm (occasional classes may be scheduled during the day).


    Mode and Duration

  • Program Outline

  • Course Modules

    New Technology Venture Creation

    Duration: 36 hours + Assessments 

    In this section, individual will learn how to create a business plan that would include establishing a new venture. Individuals are required to be entrepreneurial in creating new models for business. In this process individual need to analyse external and internal forces that may impact the business venture. Individual will need to prepare a feasibility study based on financial outcome.

    Develop Innovative Products and Business Model 

    Duration: 36 hours + Assessments

    This module covers the following :

    • Create Uncontested Market Space using Blue Ocean Strategy (9 hours equivalent)

      The Blue Ocean Theory developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne at INSEAD inspires this. This section deals with high growth and profits an organization can generate by creating new demand in an uncontested market space, or a "Blue Ocean", rather than by competing head-to-head with competitors for known customers in technology industry.
    • Lean Canvas (18 hours equivalent)
This module provides understanding of business model creation using Business Canvas. As a building block of activities it describes organisation's value proposition, capabilities, customers, and finances. It assists firms in aligning their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs. Candidates will learn how to use Lean Canvas methodology to write and communicate business models. Candidates will be able to develop strategic capabilities in developing product market fit.
    • IP Management and Business Process Outsourcing management(9 hours equivalent)
This additional knowledge may come in handy when individual is intending to do international business. In this section, individuals will have overview of IP Management and how that can be used for value creation

    Acquire Profitable Customers and Scalable Market

    Duration: 36 hours + Assessments

    The module covers the following:

    • Product Management (18 hours equivalent)
This module provides students understanding of Product Marketing Framework. Students will have access to blueprint of the key activities needed to bring profitable, problem-oriented products to market. At the end of this module students will develop necessary skills sets in developing go-to-market strategy through Product planning, Channel and distribution, Segmentation and Positioning. Students will look at some of the leading methodologies used in Product Marketing.
    • Social Media Marketing (12 hours equivalent)
In this section individuals will have a hands-on understanding of how to optimize social media as a marketing tool by significantly increasing traffic to the site and increased popularity and stature as a market leader. Individuals will also be able to analyse marketing effectiveness using social media analytics and tools.
    • Channel Sales and Internationalisation (6 hours equivalent)

      In this section, individuals will have an overview of channel management. They will learn the process of channel and internationalisation management through market entry strategies, international product service management, management of international distribution and logistics and pricing for international markets.

    Building Sales and Business Development Skills

    Duration: 36 hours + Assessments

    The module covers the following:

    • Direct Sales Skills & Methodology (18 hours equivalent)

      In this section students will learn essential techniques and structures involved in sales for Infocomm products and services. Practical exercises ensure that newly learnt skills are put to use immediately to increase the levels of the learner's confidence through classroom activities. This introduction to sales course provides the bedrock for all successful selling roles of progressive steps to the role of an entrepreneur.
    • Corporate Sales Skills and Methodologies (18 hours equivalent)
This section presents 4 different roles within an organization, namely the decision maker, recommender, influencer and sponsor. It clarifies the differences between actual titles and responsibilities of the people within an organization that is buying products / services. Students will learn the techniques of relationships and value based selling that sales people need to adopt whilst selling to people that assume the 4 different roles. This practice-based session requires active participation to acquire such skills and put that to practice.

    Manage Infocomm Ventures

    Duration: 36 hours + Assessments

    The module covers the following:

    • Sales and Marketing leadership (9 hours equivalent)

      This Section covers the difference between leader, manager and entrepreneur. Students will be exposed to case studies across different industries how leaders and managers play a critical role in the success of an organization. Students will analyse situations using John Kotter's "Force of Management".
    • Business Management (27 hours equivalent)

      This unit covers holistic understanding of business management. Students will learn to align business activities based on strategic plan by developing individual KPIs. Students will learn about sales and marketing process, sales management, preparing budgets and management reports. In this module students will use CRM tool in developing sales management process and establish key business metrics to manage business effectively.

    Capstone Project

    Duration: 6 months

    Individuals will be trained on advanced skills in Channel Development and Internationalisation. In this section students have access to 30 hours of classroom learning on additional areas of Channel Development and Internationalisation strategies. This section will take an overall view on the channel strategy for the start-up, financial options and viability of each channel. After the end of this session, individuals are required to perform Capstone project individually.

    A capstone project gives individuals the opportunity to show what they have learned in class by applying it to a real-world situation. During the 6 months duration of the project supervisor who will provide necessary guidance and advice in meeting project outcomes will facilitate individual groups. Students will also learn from business advisor who has relevant expertise in sales and marketing and act as a knowledge expert or the "guru". Individuals are required to undertake business project in the following area:

    Execute Sales and Marketing activities that include establishing sales and marketing processes, reporting systems and perform sales in B2B and B2C businesses. Students will be monitored performing sales activities on the ground and are required to provide update on their performance periodically.

  • Assessment

    Most of the assessments are through project reports, business plan writing and presentation. In some cases there will be short tests and review session with the assessor. Please refer to individual unit guide for details.

  • Funding
    • *70% course fee funding for individuals,
    • *90% course fee funding for SMEs.

    *Terms and conditions apply

  • Delivery Method

    Lithan Hall Academy maintains a maximum of 1:30 ratio for classroom. This is applicable to 5 out of 6 modules. The 6th module which is a Capstone project is a work integrated learning where this is conducted at workplace and project supervisor facilitates the progress of this project.

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements

    This programme is available to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents. The following may enroll in the course:

    • Fresh university graduates

      To qualify for admission to the programme, applicants must have a recognized degree or graduate diploma. In the absence of formal academic qualifications, applicants must have training and work experience that would indicate the ability to undertake the programme successfully.
    • Unemployed professionals, managers and engineers who are:
    • Experienced business management professionals seeking opportunities to make a career transition to Hi-Tech or ICT industry in Sales and Marketing roles
    • Professionals in Hi-Tech or ICT industry seeking to acquire skill sets in Product Management, Venture Creation and Sales and Marketing

    This course is open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only. Candidates with a Bachelors degree or with Diploma level qualification will be preferred.

    All candidates to the course must submit their updated CV and certificates. Candidates must provide copies of highest educational certificates and training certificates. Candidates are also required to provide completed LinkedIn profile.

    Selection of candidates to this course is based on the recommendation of the selection panel and approved by WDA.

    All candidates accepted into the course will need to sign a contract with Lithan Hall Academy and any sponsoring company (for those under the Placement and Training mode). Candidates who are under sponsoring companies will be mentored by a member of senior management of the company who will provide facilitation and coaching at the workplace. During the course and after the course completion students may be required to fill-up and submit documentation on Capstone Project and work surveys. This is meant to measure candidate's progress, productivity and implementation of a business opportunity with the participating company.

  • Graduation Requirements

    Candidates must complete and successfully pass all modules. Candidates enrolled under WDA funding will need to be Competent (C) in all modules.

  • Certificates Issued

    Students will be issued with NICF Diploma in Infocomm Sales and Marketing. Students will also receive following Statement of Attainment:

    Identify new areas for growth 
    Perform competitive analysis 
    Manage outsourcing 
    Establish and track the organisation's market position 
    Develop Sales proposals and quotations 
    Conduct financial analysis of the business unit 
    Use information to make sales and marketing related decisions
    Contribute to the development of a strategy plan 
    Analyse marketing strategy 
    Manage project timeline
  • Program Fees
    Program Fees
    Full course fees1
    Self-Sponsored Singapore Citizens/PRs2
    SME Sponsored Singapore Citizens/PRs3
    Singapore Citizens aged 40 and above4

    Remark: Above fees are exclusive of 7% GST and a $150 processing fee

    1Full course fees payable by others, foreign students etc.

    2Singapore citizen or Singapore PR individuals who are sponsoring themselves can enjoy a 70% course fee subsidy by WDA.

    3Singapore citizen or Singapore PR employees of SMEs who are sponsored by their employers can enjoy an Enhanced Training Support Scheme of 90% of course fee subsidy.

    4Singapore citizens aged 40 years and above can enjoy a SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy of 90% of course fee subsidy.


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