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Professional Diploma in Business Intelligence

NICF - Diploma in IT Services (Database Management)
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Program Overview

This course aims to provide qualifications to pursue a business intelligence career. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to assume business intelligence job roles and proceed to take SAP BI certification.

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  • Program Benefits

    Are you working as:

    • A Finance or Accounting Executive?
    • An Operations Executive?
    • A Marketing Analyst?
    • A Systems Analyst?
    • A Business Intelligence Analyst?

    Are you:

    • Designing and submitting management reports? OR,
    • Involved in data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL), OR,
    • Working on data modeling and integration? OR,
    • Maintaining a datawarehouse?

    If so, then you are already involved in some areas of business intelligence (BI)! And if you are not yet doing business intelligence work in your company, it is time to get ahead and learn how. After all, a career track in BI is financially rewarding.

    This is especially true if your company uses software from any of the following BI platform providers.

    SAP (the leading provider)
    Board International
    Panorama Software
    Information Builders
    Tibco Software (Spotfire)
    Salient Management Company Targit

    Gain a deeper understanding of Business Intelligence concepts. Know what to look for in your BI system to extend your skills. Expand your current BI skills by learning how to use the leading BI platform and software from SAP!

    Be a multidisciplinary T-shaped BI professional. Enroll in a program that will provide you the practical skills and competencies you need to assume job roles in business intelligence.


    Acquire Competencies and Qualifications in Business Intelligence


    SAP BI solutions are used by large companies. Business Intelligence professionals are currently in high demand as large companies need to analyze their data to gain business insights, which will result in operational efficiencies, increased market competitiveness, and improved bottomlines.

Lithan Academy is offering WDA's Professional Diploma in Business Intelligence. This will give you the knowledge, practical skills and work experience you need to:

    • Upgrade your current competencies by acquiring functional and technical skills in Business Intelligence
    • Assume job roles in Business Intelligence
    • Learn how to configure the SAP Business Intelligence (BI) system
    • Be eligible to take the SAP BI certification exam and become a certified SAP BI consultant!



  • Target Job Roles

    At the end of this course, students will be able to assume following positions:

    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Program Objectives

    At the end of the course, students will to pursue career up gradation or transition to Business data warehousing area. Students will also be able to acquire the necessary competencies that would meet the job roles requirements. After completing this course, students would be eligible to take the SAP BI Certification exam. 

    Students will acquire knowledge and skills in:

    • Datawarehousing and architecture
    • Implementation and administration of SAP BI system
    • Extraction, Universal data integration , exchange infrastructure
    • Planning and designing of reports and models
    • Data acquisition
    • BI integrated planning


  • Mode and Duration

    This course is delivered over 9 months.

  • Program Outline

    This course contains the following 6 modules. Students need to complete the course modules in the order shown below.

  • Course Modules
    • Introduction to Business Intelligence - Business Intelligence has been identified by analysts one of the key drivers of a company's business strategy. This unit of study covers both theoretical and practical aspects of Business Intelligence including data warehousing. Students can use SAP's Business Intelligence Warehouse in the workshops to reinforce many of the theoretical concepts.
    • Business Intelligence Applications - 
Students will be exposed to Business Intelligence applications in different industries. Students will also will be exposed to the SAP BW 001 module, which contains Integration of BI capabilities in SAP Netweaver, Architecture and functions of BI, and Business planning and analytical service.
    • Data Modelling and Transformation - 
In this unit, students will explore to understand the BI tools and gain a high-level understanding of their functions; define and design a data model in BI to fulfil the information requirements of the company for a cost centre accounting scenario; use extraction, transformation and loading (ETL); use SAP Business Content to speed up the implementation of BI and to know what tools are available for improving query runtime (SAP Module TBW10)
    • Business Intelligence Queries and Reports - 
In this unit, students will learn how to use SAP NetWeaver BI as a flexible analytical tool to create structures reports for decision – making support in the organization; evaluate past and current data to different levels of detail and from different perspectives on the Web and in Microsoft Excel (SAP Module TBW 20)
    • Strategic Use of Business Intelligence - 
In this unit, students will gain the skills and knowledge in BI extraction with UDI , XI and APD , universal data integration, Exchange Infrastructure, process designer analysis and transport management (SAP Module TBW41)

Students will also gain additional knowledge of data modelling, use BI content to accelerate BW implementation, define and implement multi – dimensional, logical and physical model scenarios to fulfil information requirements and to understand the concept of slow changing dimensions (SAP Module TBW 42)
    • Business Intelligence Project
 - Students will gain the detailed BI knowledge necessary to carry out successful implementation and administration within a heterogeneous SAP BI system landscape (TBW 45). 

This includes:
      • BEx Reporting Tools
      • General BEx Features and Information Broadcasting
      • Planning Model Design and Planning Functions
      • Input Enabled Queries, Planning Applications and Miscellaneous topics in Business Planning
      • Analysis Process Design
  • Delivery Schedule and Method

    Delivery Schedule

    Classes will be held in the evenings starting at 7pm during weekdays. Saturday classes may be held on occasion. 


    Delivery Method

    Lessons include classroom lectures, classroom tutorials and case studies. Students will be trained by industry professionals and academicians. They have minimum 5 years of domain experience in consulting or in academic teaching, research within a specific industry. Trainers must also have relevant industry certification and ACTA. 


    Trainer-Student ratio is maintained at 1:60 for theory and 1: 30 for practical lessons. Class room lecture with Demo and hands on tutorials in SAP BI environment. 

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements
    • Students must have Bachelor degree and IELTS 6.5. Students, who have been taught at Bachelor level with English as medium of instruction, may not need IELTS score.
    • Students with Diploma and minimum 5 years of working experience may apply.
    • Student should not be barred by WDA from taking assistance of funding schemes. Students must be Singaporean / SPR to avail of WDA funding
  • Certificates Issued

    Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be issued with following WDA SOAs: 

    • IT-DM-401S-1 Build a database
    • IT-DM-402S-1 Identify physical database requirements
    • IT-AS-401S-1 Analyse and Troubleshoot application problem
    • IT-AS-402S-1 Generate and review application support report
    • IT-DE-502S-1 Design extract, transform and load (ETL) process
    • IT-DM-406S-1 Determine that database functionality and scalability suit business requirements
    • IT-RG-402S-1 Gather data to identify business requirements
    • IT-RG-401S-1 Determine business expectations and needs
    • IT-DM-407S-1 Design a data warehouse
    • This leads to NICF Diploma in IT Services (Database Management) awarded by WDA Singapore.

    Students who successfully finish this program are eligible to take the SAP BI Certification Exam.

  • Graduation Requirements

    Students must complete all modules and deemed Competent (C) in all units. Student upon failing will need to take the module again. An additional charge applies in such cases. 

After successfully completing all the 6 modules, graduates will be issued NICF – Diploma in IT Services (Database Management) by WDA.

  • Program Fee

    Programme and Miscellaneous Fees (in Singapore Dollars)

    For Company-sponsored Students

    To encourage more Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to send their workers for skills upgrading and to enhance productivity, the Government will be increasing the funding subsidy for this group. The Enhanced Training Support for SMEs will help SMEs further lower the cost of sending their employees for certifiable training programmes supported by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), and academic Continuing Education and Training (CET) programmes. SMEs will get to enjoy subsidies of 90% of the course fees when they sponsor their employees for the above-mentioned courses as well as claim absentee payroll funding of 80% of basic hourly salary at a higher cap of $7.50 per hour. This three-year initiative will take effect from 1 July 2012. For more details on the additional funding, please click here

    Enhanced Training Support for SMEs.

    Sample fee calculation for company-sponsored student:

    Singaporean/PR (full time or part time)
    Processing Fee $150
    Course Fee $18,000
    WDA Subsidy (70%) -$12,600
    Payable Course Fee to Lithan Hall Academy (full payment by company) $5,400
    Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (20%) -$2,400 claim in the later stage
    Payable Course Fee by company $1,200
    Miscellaneous Fees (where applicable)
    Deferment Administration Fee $150 - payable upon approval of request for one term
    Re-module Fee (per-module) $2,000 (if applicable)
    Re-sit Examination Fee $100 - pay before the new examination re-sit date
    Change of Assessment Date Fee $60 - pay before the new assessment date


  • Brochures

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