Digital Fluency CLaaS Data Analytics Capstone

Capstone Project – Data Analytics

WSQ Business Analytics -Capstone Project (SF)
(Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

Duration and Delivery Mode:
Full-time (3 Weeks)

Capstone Project – Data Analytics

WSQ Business Analytics -Capstone Project (SF)
(Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

Duration and Delivery Mode:
Full-time (3 Weeks)

Course Brief

The “Capstone Project – Data Analytics” course represents the apex of learners’ proficiency in the field of data analytics. Participants will navigate the intricacies of the project lifecycle, acquiring indispensable expertise in proposing, planning, and executing a data analytics project centred on Power BI.

Building upon the foundational knowledge and skills garnered throughout the course, participants will actively engage in a hands-on, comprehensive Power BI project. Encompassing the entire data analytics process, the project spans data acquisition, preparation, visualization, modelling, and the creation of interactive dashboards. Harnessing the robust capabilities of Power BI, participants will showcase proficiency in data analysis, insights transformation, and the creation of visually compelling reports and visualizations. Moreover, they will construct efficient data models and design interactive dashboards with advanced filtering capabilities.

Highlighting the significance of data sharing, collaboration, and security, the project ensures participants cultivate the essential skills to handle sensitive data and operate effectively in team settings. Successful completion of the “Capstone Project – Data Analytics” course endows participants with a profound understanding of the end-to-end project lifecycle in data analytics. They will possess the knowledge and skills needed to propose, plan, and execute a data analytics project effectively using Power BI. Furthermore, participants will develop the ability to apply data analytics techniques, collaborate seamlessly, and ensure data security throughout the project. With adept implementation of a comprehensive Power BI project, participants will demonstrate preparedness to tackle real-world business challenges and contribute decisively to data-driven decision-making processes.

Knowledge, Skill, Ability Summary

At the end of the course, you will be able to acquire the following:


  • Implement end-to-end data analytics projects, integrating data acquisition, preparation, visualization, modelling, and interactive dashboard creation.
  • Leverage Power BI’s robust capabilities to proficiently analyse data and transform insights into meaningful visualizations and reports.
  • Construct efficient data models in Power BI, showcasing advanced skills in organizing and structuring complex datasets for analysis.
  • Design interactive dashboards with advanced filtering, demonstrating expertise in creating dynamic and user-friendly data exploration tools.
  • Demonstrate adept skills in data sharing, collaboration, and security, ensuring the ethical handling of sensitive information within a project context.
Upon completion, learners will possess the ability to seamlessly implement end-to-end data analytics projects, showcasing proficiency in advanced data modeling, visualization, and interactive dashboard design using Power BI.

Blended Learning Journey
(60.5 Hours)


4 Hours

Flipped Class

4 Hours

Mentoring Support
Assignment (Sync)

0 Hours

Mentoring Support
Project Mentoring (Sync)

32 Hours

Mentoring Support
Project Implementation (Async)

20 Hours


0.5 Hours

Module Summary

Other Information
  • SSG Module Reference No: TGS-2023019817
  • Module Validity Date: 31 Jan 2025
Module Session Plan

Target Audience & Prerequisite

Target Audience

  • Candidates who would like to gain data analytics implementation skills.
  • Candidates who would like to gain digital fluency skills to switch their career in data analytics


  • Academic: Minimum one credit in O Level or its equivalent
  • English Proficiency: Minimum IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent
  • Age: Minimum 21 years
  • Work Experience: Not required.

Graduation Requirements

Each learner must meet the following requirements to secure academic qualifications and eduCLaaS job role certification.
  • Minimum 75% attendance in all sessions.
  • Minimum pass grade in the summative assessment of each module


Academic Qualification NIL
Statement of Attainment
WSQ Business Analytics -Capstone Project (SF)
  • ICT-DIT-3005-1.1: Data Engineering
Industry Skills Certification
  • WSQ Install and Configure Server (SF)
    AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • WSQ Administer Server (SF)
    AZ-800: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure
  • WSQ Configure Advanced Server (SF)
    AZ-801: Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services
  • WSQ Cloud Administration (SF)
    AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop
  • WSQ Security Administration (SF)
    SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
EduCLaaS Job Role Certification
Associate Cloud Administrator

Other Information

SSG Course Reference No: TGS-2023019817
Course Validity Date: 31 Jan 2025
Course Developer: Lithan Academy

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