Capstone Project – Agile Management

Capstone Project – Agile Management

Digital Innovation (SF)
(Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

Duration and Delivery Mode:

Capstone Project – Agile Management

Digital Innovation (SF)
(Synchronous and Asynchronous E-Learning)

Duration and Delivery Mode:

Course Brief

Through the Agile Management capstone, participants will have the hands-on opportunity to apply the knowledge, skills, strategies and principles they have learned to deliver a transformative project for their organization using Scrum.

Participants begin by mapping the business value and strategic outcomes desired by the organization and identifying transformative projects or goals to achieve them. They will then engage in creating a Product Backlog and Release Plan based on the business outcomes and resources available, setting the stage for iterative development and delivery of business value. Participants will then conduct Sprint Planning and Product Backlog Item (PBI) Refinement sessions with respective Scrum teams. Participants will also be applying Agile Management best practices to identify and track specific metrics for success and will be responsible for identifying and applying Agile Management practices within their teams and organization. Participants will also create a Learning Plan using the Scrum events and Agile Principles to ensure the integration of continuous learning into the organization culture.

As the capstone progresses, participants will actively engage in the execution of Sprints, daily scrum, backlog refinement and other Scrum events in their roles as Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers in order to deliver their projects, facilitating real-time collaboration and agility, enhancing team communication and improving responsiveness to change. As part of the capstone and project delivery activity, participants will engage in various Release Plan and Product Backlog Reviews, Project Reviews, and Continuous Development Plan Reviews. Several such reviews are provided throughout the duration of the Capstone to enable ample opportunity for feedback and expertise development.

Throughout the Capstone, participants will acquire a robust and practical skill set for delivering successful projects and business value using Scrum, encompassing Agile planning, collaborative leadership, and continuous improvement, essential for navigating the complexities of contemporary project management and organizational leadership.

Skill, Ability Summary

At the end of the course, you will be able to acquire the following:


  1. Apply Scrum principles and values to optimize project delivery and adapt to changing requirements.
  2. Evaluate Agile leadership strategies through analyzing ecosystem dynamics, fostering collaborative work, and navigating complexities within project teams.
  3. Demonstrate Sprint planning and execution proficiency by executing iterative development, refining Product Backlogs, and ensuring strategic alignment with organizational goals.
  4. Facilitate empirical learning loops by systematically planning and adapting, ensuring continuous improvement through reflective practices within real-world project scenarios.
  5. Communicate effectively in Agile contexts by conducting Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective events effectively.
Upon completing this capstone, learners will possess the ability to strategically apply Scrum, lead Agile teams, and navigate dynamic project environments, fostering adaptability and continuous improvement in organizational practices to deliver transformational value for their organization.

Blended Learning Journey
(60.5 Hours)


0 Hour

Flipped Class

12 Hours

Mentoring Support
(Assignment Sync)

0 Hour

Mentoring Support
(Project Mentoring Sync)

36 Hours

Mentoring Support
(Project Implementation Async)

12 Hours


0.5 Hour

Module Summary

Other Information
  1. SSG Module Reference No: TGS-2019503137
  2. Module Validity Date: 31 Jan 2025
Module Session Plan

Target Audience & Prerequisite

Target Audience

  • Candidates who would like to gain agile scrum implementation skills.


  • Academic: Minimum one credit in N Level or its equivalent
  • English Proficiency: Minimum IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent
  • Age: Minimum 21 years
  • Work Experience: Not required.

Graduation Requirements

Each learner must meet the following requirements to secure academic qualifications, eduCLaaS job role certification and /or Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SSG (whichever is applicable)
  • Minimum 75% attendance in all sessions.
  • Minimum pass grade in the summative assessment of each module


Academic Qualification NIL
Statement of Attainment
Digital Innovation (SF)
  • ICT-SNA-5003-1.1 Business Innovation
  • ICT-SNA-4003-1.1 Business Innovation
Industry Skills Certification
EduCLaaS Job Role Certification
Digital Transformation Executive

Other Information

SSG Course Reference No: TGS-2019503137
Course Validity Date: 31 Jan 2025
Course Developer: Lithan Academy

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