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Express Cyber Security

5 weeks part time / 2 weeks full time per module Instructor-led Live & Mentor-led Blended Learning

Learn Cyber Security fundamentals, Threat detection, Incident management and how to implement security on various Microsoft platforms.

What do I Get?

Acquire Cyber Security Skills

Learn Cyber Security fundamentals to protect current threat landscape by demonstrating hardening tactics to make a breach more difficult and costly for a hacker to execute and learn early threat detection, classify the extent of a system breach and respond to security incident effectively to minimize the business impact

Mentor-Led Blended Learning Delivery

We deliver blended learning through a combination of self-paced e-learning, instructor-led flipped classes and personalised mentoring  from industry experts to greatly increase your efficiency and effectiveness in applying Cyber Security knowledge and skills 

Up to 90% Funding

Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents can receive up to 90% funding* from SkillsFuture Singapore and further subsidies using your SkillsFuture credit and Post-Secondary Education Account.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Audience and Certificates

Target Audience

  • IT PME working in Enterprises who needs to implement security on Microsoft platforms


‘N’ Level with 1 years experience in IT managing Microsoft platforms.  


Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum attendance of 75% for all sessions in each of the modules.
  • Should be assessed Competent (C) in each of the modules


  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-OUS-3015-1.1 : Threat Intelligence and Detection

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-OUS-3003-1.1 :Cyber Incident Management

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-DIT-3013-1.1:Security Programme Management

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-OUS-3012-1.1:Security Administration

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-SNA-4021-1.1: Security Strategy

  • Statement of Attainment by SSG, Singapore: ICT-DIT-2008-1.1: Infrastructure Deployment

Blended Learning Journey

(181.5 Hours)


45 Hours

Projects / Assignments

90 hours

Flipped Class/Mentoring

45 hours


1.5 hours


NICF-CyberSecurity Planning (SF) (CRS-Q-0035333-ICT)

This module provides insight into security practices to improve the security posture of an organization. Built around you, the program provides unparalleled, relevant skills proven through real-world application that include Security Governance and Risk Management; Threat and vulnerability management; Data Security, Privacy and protection; Cybersecurity Control; Technical Security Assessment and Cyber Incident response management

Session Plan

More Details

Learning Outcome


1.Prioritisation criteria for incidents

2.Tools and processes used to remedy incidents

3.Root cause analysis procedures Outline Description (Knowledge / Skill / Other Information)


1.Review categorisation of an incident, and determine its priority and need for escalation

2.Escalate alerts to relevant stakeholder groups upon the occurrence of incidents

3.Perform first responder troubleshooting on cyber-related or security incidents, by following pre-determined procedures  


1. .Applied principles and tools of information security

2.Techniques for analysis and integration of threat data

3.Types and features of exploits and malware


1.Implement intrusion detection and analysis based on key objectives and stakeholders’ requirements

2.Analyse collected information to identify vulnerabilities and potential for exploitation

3.Present contextual information to place cyber attacks in context

NICF-CyberSecurity Administration(SF) (CRS-Q-0035332-ICT)

Learn best practices on how to use PowerShell securely and how to use PowerShell to enhance security.As you build a cybersecurity defense plan, learn best practices around Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and identity management.Learn how to plan, implement, and manage security in Office 365.


Session Plan

More Details

Learning Outcome



  • Windows PowerShell Fundamentals
  • PowerShell Operational Security
  • Windows PowerShell based Exploits
  • Identity as a Service
  • Security Privileged Roadmap
  • Active Directory Security
  • Azure Security Architecture
  • Active Directory And Kerberos Protocol
  • Introduction to Security in Office 365
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Office 365 Threat Intelligence
  • Security and Compliance Center
  • Advanced Security Management
  • SQL Server Security
  • Server & Database roles
  • Audit for databases
  • SQL Server Encryption



  • Managing Local Script Execution
  • Managing Remote Execution
  • Implementing PowerShell-based Security
  • Mitigating PowerShell-based exploits
  • Managing Identity
  • Securing Active Directory
  • Securing Azure Active Directory
  • ImplementingOffice 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • UsingOffice 365 Threat Intelligence
  • Implementing audit, insights and alerts in Azure
  • Implementing Advanced Security Management
  • Authenticating Users
  • Authorising Users to Access Resource
  • Implementing SQL Server Audit
  • Protecting Data with encryption

Other Information

Module Fee: SGD 3000  

Funding Validity Period: Until 22-Nov-2020 

Module Duration: 5 Weeks Part time /  2 Weeks full time   

Course Developer: Lithan Academy 

NICF-Host and Cloud CyberSecurity (SF) (CRS-Q-0035331-ICT)

Dive into the new security architecture and features of Windows 10, and learn how to enable them, as you explore today’s security threat landscape.Take a deep dive into the new layers of protection built into Windows Server 2016. Learn to further safeguard against security breaches by blocking malicious attacks and enhancing the security of your virtual machines, applications, and data.Understand the current nature of the security threat landscape and study the new security architecture and features of Microsoft Azure.

Session Plan

More Details

Learning Outcome


• Process for site preparation
• Capacity and performance tests for on-site systems
• Impact analysis of new infrastructure deployment or removal
• Safety and quality standards
• Installation tests on infrastructure components
• Diagnostic tools for infrastructure-related problems

• Security risks, threats and vulnerabilities
• Linkage of business processes to security systems
• Techniques and considerations in security programme design
• Application of information security and assurance architectures
• Existing internal and external security standards


• Prepare the site location in ensuring that necessary infrastructure is in place
• Test on-site systems performance and capacity to support requirements
• Conduct basic impact analysis of new infrastructure deployment or removal
• Deploy and decommission infrastructure components and associated equipment in accordance to a set plan and safety and quality procedures
• Perform simple deactivation of system components, if required
• Conduct installation tests on infrastructure components to check for performance
• Document malfunctions in infrastructure components, and their corrections deployed
• Resolve simple to semi-complex problems in infrastructure components and associated equipment using appropriate tools

• Identify security risks, threats and vulnerabilities relevant to organisation operations and systems.
• Assess gaps in existing security controls and their potential business impact
• Translate security objectives and assessment of gaps into specific security programmes or guidelines
• Develop a detailed action plan for a security programme, making periodic updates with technological or regulatory changes
• Deliver advice and guidance to facilitate adoption of information security and assurance architectures
• Monitor the effectiveness of security initiatives, against internal and external standards

Other Information

Module Fee: SGD 3000  

Funding Validity Period: Until 22-Nov-2020 

Module Duration: 5 Weeks Part time /  2 Weeks full time   

Course Developer: Lithan Academy 

Pricing and Funding

SGD 9000.00


Fee Description

Detailed Breakdown


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