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The big opportunity for finance professionals

September 28, 2015
by Lithan Genovate

Mohit Sharma, a young finance professional, was finding it difficult to carry on with his stressful career. This was causing him a lot of health issues too. That was when he decided to take a break and apply for a sabbatical. The company he worked for understood his situation and approved his leave. On the way home, he noticed an advertisement for SAP training. There was nothing to lose, so he thought of giving it a try.

Next morning, Mohit was at the training center talking to a career consultant. The consultant suggested SAP-FI certification. Mohit grabbed the opportunity. When he finished his course and met his seniors, they immediately offered a double promotion to Mohit. Enrolling himself into the SAP-FI course had turned out to be a life-changing decision for him. It can be for you too!

SAP FI refers to the Finance Module of SAP that was created to report business transactions of companies in an understandable and transparent manner to comply with their reporting requirements. It has the power to track as well as report the financial transactions of multiple companies using different currencies. It can easily be integrated with other legacy systems including sales & distribution, purchasing and materials management so as to view the original transaction in one shot, related to the movement of materials, purchase order or a sales order.

SAP FI or the Financial Module of SAP could be described as the pivot point of any integrated SAP system as every module leaves a significant financial impact that ultimately flows into the FI module. Once you integrate and implement SAP FI, you will be able to access a one-view of all the financial impacts of various transactions that are recorded in the other modules. Therefore, configuring, integrating and implementing SAP FI system is crucial as this makes up the framework that supports the entire system.

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