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Lithan Hall Academy graduation ceremony showcases successful cooperative education programmes based on the NICF

Singapore, January 18, 2013 – Lithan Hall Academy conducted its graduation ceremony where successful graduates of its NICF Diploma in Software Applications (Requirement Gathering and Process Redesign) and Victoria University's (Australia) Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) programmes received their diplomas amidst strong support from participating employers and industry players. Graduates of these cooperative education programmes for ERP received competency-based education, work-integrated experiential learning and successful career transition support; proof that cooperative education programs based on NICF works.

The graduation ceremony was graced by Mr. Wong Hong Kuan, CE of WDA Singapore, and Mr. Brendan McCarthy, Dean International, Victoria University Australia. Members from Spring Singapore and IDA Singapore, together with industry education partners and employers, who have actively participated in the development of the NICF qualifications programmes, also attended the event.

The event also marked the launch of the NICF Technopreneurship programme developed jointly by Lithan Hall Academy, Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Infocomm Development Authority (IDA). This innovative program is based on a "Cooperative Education framework" that includes Experiential Learning through a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) format. Students will be mentored and coached by the CEO of companies, venture investors, successful entrepreneurs and have on-the-job training in start-up companies and SMEs. A social media learning platform will be used to extend the learning experience beyond classroom boundaries.

Participating IT Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Start-ups, which are planning to leverage on IT outsourcing providers in the regional markets, will learn skills and gain experience managing IT outsourcing vendors and projects while enhancing their cross-cultural communication ability through the Technopreneurship programme. To date there are 20 companies who have signed up for this program and are actively involved in recruiting talents and sending staffs for professional development.

According to the MOE report "Report of the Committee on University Education Pathways Beyond 2015 (CUEP)" (released August, 2012), "The underlying principle… was to engage students in realistic issues and environments where the link between theoretical knowledge and practical application was made clearer, allowing for better applied learning. Such experiential learning not only provided students with the opportunity to apply theory learnt in classrooms to the real-world, but also enhanced the learning of theoretical concepts through practice." This requires close integration of cooperative education elements into academic programmes.

"Lithan Hall Academy's mission is to address this need by delivering continuing education through a Cooperative education model." says Leslie Loh, Chairman of Lithan Hall Academy. "Lithan Hall Academy's cooperative education programmes aim to provide students the skills and competencies they need to assume high-value job roles. Fundamental to its cooperative education model is an industry relevant framework that is comprehensive yet flexible enough to provide learners the competencies and career path that best suits them given their past working experiences, existing skills and career goals."

"Lithan Hall Academy, an accredited WDA Continuous Education Training (CET) partner and 4-year Edutrust certified PEI, has worked with top industry leaders, such as SAP and IBM, and employers, such as Coca Cola and NCS, to roll out industry relevant ICT programmes." says Krishna Ramoo, COO of Lithan Hall Academy. "Lithan Hall Academy uses the National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF), as a basis for its competency-based training and is the first ICT NICF CET partner to roll out NICF qualifications. Lithan Hall Academy has moved further by articulating its NICF qualifications programmes in ERP and Business Intelligence to higher learning in the Victoria University's Masters programme in ERP systems."

Lithan Hall Academy has already successfully launched several cooperative education programmes for the ERP and Business Intelligence business-IT professional communities. So far, 383 students have successfully graduated from these programs.

About NICF

The National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF), developed by IDA and WDA in close collaboration with the infocomm industry, is a national infocomm roadmap which articulates the competency requirements of key Infocomm professionals.

Infocomm professionals and employers can leverage the NICF to determine the types of skills and competencies required for various infocomm jobs and to develop training strategies for the professionals to acquire these skills through accredited training providers.

NICF is a framework that articulates competencies and skills required for different infocomm occupations, and lists relevant training programmes available to build these skills. The framework is available online for easy navigation by professionals, employers and training providers.

NICF will assist infocomm professionals in assessing their own skills and competencies against national and international standards, and in helping them plan their career paths. It also helps to guide employers in manpower planning, training and professional development programmes.

About Lithan Hall Academy

Lithan Hall Academy (www.lithanhall.com) is a cooperative education provider for high-demand professional communities in Asia. Our mission is to provide Cooperative Education programs to our customers through delivery of Competency-based Education, Work-integrated Experiential Learning and Career Transition Support that sustain their lifelong career growth and development.

Lithan Hall Academy has a 4-year Edutrust certification as well as 4 years CPE registration under the mandatory Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) of the Council for Private Education (CPE) of Singapore. Lithan Hall Academy was also appointed by the WDA as a CET program partner since November, 2011.

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