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"Lithan Hall Education Centre Pte. Ltd." is now "Lithan Hall Academy Pte. Ltd."

Singapore, May 30, 2011 – Lithan Hall Education Centre Pte. Ltd., a registered private education institution in Singapore, is now known as "Lithan Hall Academy Pte. Ltd.". With this change, the name better reflects our goal to be a specialist education provider that is better able to develop industry relevant expert resources for our targeted professional communities.

"By delivering end-to-end education programs that can support the comprehensive learning needs of selected professional communities, we are better able to become the strategic education partner of our customers in their pursuit of lifelong career growth and development." said Krishnamoorthy Ramoo, COO of Lithan Hall Academy.

About Lithan

Lithan Hall Academy is a specialist education provider for targeted professional communities in Asia. Our mission is to deliver Experiential Learning to our customers through competency-based educational programs that support their lifelong career growth and development.

For the development of SAP ERP professionals, we offer an educational pathway in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Through our parent company, Lithan Education (www.lithaneducation.com), we also provide career services that complement our academic programs and give our graduates job placement assistance and immediate immersion in the industry.

Lithan Hall Academy has Edutrust Provisional Certification and 4 years CPE registration under the mandatory Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) of the Council for Private Education (CPE) of Singapore. For more information, visit /

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