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NTUC U Network PDPA Consent Clauses (as of 20 January 2017)

a. Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

(1) I consent to my personal data being collected, used and retained by NTUC for the purposes of processing, administering and managing my participation in NTUC U Network.

(2) I consent to my personal data being disclosed between NTUC and e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) for the purposes of managing and enhancing my benefits and privileges as an NTUC U Network participant.

(3) I consent to be contacted by NTUC via email, text messages, fax and/or post for matters relating to:

     (a) NTUC U Network programmes and activities;

     (b) NTUC Union membership benefits and privileges;

     (c) employment and employability and other Labour Movement issues;

     (d) training and education;

     (e) social and recreation; and

     (f) my opinion/feedback on any of the above.

(4) If I do not wish to be contacted for the purposes stipulated in clause 3 above, I will inform NTUC at ustartup@ntuc.org.sg 

(5) I will also inform NTUC immediately of any changes to my personal particulars so as to facilitate my participation in NTUC U Network’s benefits, events, activities and programmes.

(6) For any enquiries on personal data protection matters, please email to dpo@ntuc.org.sg.

*U Network includes but is not limited to programmes such as U Associate, U SME, U FSE, U Creative, U Human Capital, U Start Up, U Future Leaders Summit