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Lithan is one of the only few education providers that gives privileges to enrollees to actually earn an income during their course of study. By joining in our work-study program, our students can expect to earn up to USD $16,200 over the course of their study. This will be based on them earning an estimate of USD $300/month during their second year of study after the 1 year bootcamp which will increase to USD $450/month in their third year, and as high as USD$ 600/month in their final year. If you work hard enough to build your skills, and display the correct attitude and determination to your potential employer, the income you earn can potentially pay for your degree.

The prospect of how much you can earn depends on your self-discipline and commitment to want to become a high-achiever. Lithan will not limit your income earnings but it will very much depend on your performance with your respective employers.

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As a Lithan graduate, with 3 years of work-experience gained working as an offshore talent during your course of study, you can expect to earn as high as USD $750/month. This is based on the average salary given by companies from Glassdoor website. Depending on your skills and capabilities, some companies can offer even more.