MSME Funding

Funding Type

Unlock digital transformation funding for your organization through SSG & WSG. Develop digital leadership skills, redesign job roles, implement self-service digitalization, and receive consultancy mentoring with up to 90% funding support.​
Supported by ESG for enterprise transformation and workforce capabilities.​

Funding Quantum 90% of out-of-pocket expenses, up to $10k credits
Digital Skilling CLaaS

Supported by SSG for digital skills capabilities development.​

Funding Quantum
  • SME Up to 90% course fee funding​
  • Non-SME Up to 70% course fee funding​
Supported by SSG to defray manpower costs incurred when sending eligible employees for SSG-funded training.​

Funding Quantum Absentee Payroll of $4.5 per hour up to $100k per calendar year​
Funding Job Role Reskilling & Redeployment

Supported by WSG for mid-career workforce to undergo skills conversion.​

Funding Quantum Singaporean/PR salary subsidies up to 3 to 6 months.​
  • Age ≥ 40 y.o. 90% capped at $6k per month ​
  • Age ≤ 40 y.o. 70% capped at $4k per month
Funding Enterprise Innovation Scheme
Supported by IRAS-Budget 2023 to encourage businesses to engage in capability development activities.​

Funding Quantum 400% tax deduction on first $400,000 of qualifying training expenditure plus, subsequent 100% from YA2024 to 2028​
Company must be registered and incorporated in Singapore ​
Employee must be Singaporean, PR, or LT pass holder
SME & Non-SME sponsoring Singaporean/PR Employees
SME Definition
Registered or incorporated in Singapore.

Employment size
< 200 employees OR annual sales turnover <$100 million
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