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Earn and Learn to an International Degree

  • Earn your way to a debt free education


    Like all SPM or STPM graduates, you’re likely to be making the biggest decision of your life to pursue university education.  Unfortunately, this could turn out to be a costly mistake for you.  


    Is spending the next 4 years of your life getting locked in the university education your best option? 


    Judging by a recent ministry of education research, getting a degree no longer guarantees you a good job to kick start your career. In Malaysia, only 53% secured employment within six months after their graduation from the university. Even if you’re lucky enough to secure a job, more than half earn less than a miserable RM 2,000 a month.


    Let’s share with you why traditional academic university hasn’t been effective in developing industry relevant graduates required by employers.


    First, getting cooped up in the university learning theoretical concepts for 3-4 years with no engagement with the outside world clearly isn’t going to develop graduates with the relevant skills and communication skills required by the industry. In today ’s rapidly evolving digital economy, whatever you’ve learnt will most likely be outdated by the time you graduate.


    On top of you wasting almost four years of your life, you’ll also be in debt with the high tuition fee (RM 70,000 on average) for an international degree. In Malaysia, 97% of the graduates fail to repay their student loans.      


    We believe applied learning is the answer to the ineffectiveness of traditional academic education.


    Switzerland's wide adoption of applied education model has resulted in their workforce to be ranked the most competitive globally by the 2018 global talents competitiveness index (GTCI).


    Lithan's applied learning programme delivered in work-study mode provides graduates with practical experience and also an internationally recognised  degree. Our talents are future ready with digital skills and global ready with communication and collaborative skills.



    There are 3 phases to our work-study programme.


    Before we share with you all the great value this programme delivers, we need you to be absolutely aware of what the journey entails. The programme is vigorous, meaning your learning is very intense and is not easy going. You’ll need to be committed to a full-time, 0900 hrs to 1800 hrs, daily work-study schedule with limited holiday breaks in between. Welcome to the real world!


    In applied education, learning is work and work is learning. You’ll start your journey acquiring practical skills in our intensive coding boot camp (6 months with STPM or 12 months with SPM). From there onwards, you’ll join the workforce full-time and learn through work. By the time you graduate, you’ll have gained up to 3 years of working experience to justify a much higher pay than your academic peer who hasn't work a day in their life and only just started to look for a job.


    We’ve absolute confidence that our programme will help you get a high paying job before your graduation. We are ready to provide you an interest free loan that you’ll only repay in instalments after you’ve secured a job with at least RM 3k salary per month. With your ability to earn an income for up to 3 years while studying, we expect that you’ll be able to repay your student loan before your graduation. As a result, at the end of the education journey you’ll be able to walk away with a debt free degree.

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Leave your details to find out more on how our programme can benefit you!


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Students with a GCE 'A' Levels or equalvalence will undergo a 6 months full time on campus boot camp to get the necessary skills for work..


All other students who do not meet the above criteria will undergo a 12 months boot camp instead.

At the end of this 6 - 12 months bootcamp, you will be able to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, J-Query, Ajax, Python, MongoDB.* Work experience is achieved through simulated real-world projects to prepare for On-the-Job training.


*The coding languages taught may change according to industry requirements.


Lithan's work-study programme is supported by Lithan's Talent as a Service scheme, where we place learners and skilled talents into skills incubators.


The initial six months will be an internship to gain preliminary work experience.


After which, depending on your performance during the internship, the company may hire you for another 12 months as an employee. Learners are able to sharpen their skills learnt during their learning journey while working with mentors in cross-country industry projects.


At the end of this 18 months On-the-Job training, you will be able to code in Java, .NET, API, Agile development.*


Complete your part-time study for accreditation towards degrees offered by internationally recognised universities.


^On-the-Job training remuneration is at the skills incubator's discretion.

*The coding languages taught may change according to industry requirements.


With proven skills and experience, you are now ready to embark full-time work while you continue your part-time studies over next 18 months.


Complete your part-time study for your Top-up Degree with a local or foreign university.


Alternatively choose direct entry pathways to Victoria University, Australia for a Bachelor of Information Technology or to University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom for a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering.



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Web Developers are the creators of many well known software applications in the market. They integrate these applications with specially crafted client pages using their creative and technical skills to provide a seamless user experience.


With over 7,000 job listings on Indeed.com, Full Stack Web Developers are highly sought after in both start-ups and large corporates worldwide, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Razer etc. Experienced Full Stack Web Developers commands salaries of up to USD 213,000 per year and with enough experience and skills, they have the agility to take on senior roles in a digital organisation.


Source: Indeed.com


With the rapid digital transformation of the global landscape, employers are constantly looking for digitally skilled talents. Lithan's work-study programme produces competencies and skills that employers seek.


Lithan has partnered with skills incubators to provide On-the-Job training for our learners. We provide mentored support for learners to sharpen their skills and gain working experience on industry projects. Learners will work on industry projects with either an in-house in a local company or remotely for a foreign company. Working as a global talent in a distributed environment, learners will also be able to gain experience in cross cultural communications and international project executions.

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Lithan's Work-study programme allows our students to be debt free before graduation.


Tuition fees: SGD 12,000


Lithan's Work-study programme has the following entry criteria:


  • Minimum age: 16
  • Minimum education level: Grade 10 or equivalent
  • Minimum English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent


Learners should prepare the following documents:


  • National ID
  • Highest Education Certificate
  • Any other supporting documents that may support the application process


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 "There's no typical classroom learning. I can get personalised mentoring from industry practitioners. I can access my tutors anytime, from home or from campus, at my own time. ... I am very confident that my career will improve after learning in Lithan." -Wayne, Student in Lithan Myanmar
Lwin Moe Aung


"Lithan has very good facilities and (a) very strong support system."

- Lwin Moe Aung,

Student in Lithan's Earn and Learn Programme


"Lithan has good reputation and has a competency based curriculum for students,It is designed from an employer’s perspective. The knowledge and digital skills learnt is very industry relevant,”

- Grant Kim, Managing Director, Bluestone

Digital Dots

the curriculum based skills leaning is created for the current industry needs, so is designed from employer’s perspective.”- Zaw Win Tun, Managing Director, Digital Dots


“Lithan’s approach is completely different. Even before they get the certificate the students have to work and get the experience of working in a real company doing real projects,”</p><p>- Yan Linn Thor, CEO, Evolx



"Lithan is a good partner for us because they really focus on our customers. They know their market, they know what the needs are and what are the kind of offerings they can give to make their people more successful. You look at their CLaaS training model, it allows students to have a very flexible learning path." - Patrick Thomas, Sr Learning Manager, Microsoft