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Life after SPM/STPM

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  • 5 Important things to consider



    Taking a break from your exams? Here’s 5 things to consider when you decide on your next move after your exams are over!


    • 1. Taking care for your family


    At this age, you are considered a young adult. Soon, you will start your own family. Plus, there’s still your parents who have been providing for you your whole life.


    There will be a pressing need to start earning large amounts of money, which will not be easy. To put things in perspective, graduates of 2017 are asking upwards of RM3,600 per month in order to sustain only their own lifestyles.


    Not all jobs are equal however.


    “IT graduates get over RM 2,500 as a starting pay while Administrative graduates working in manufacturing industry get slightly above RM 1,500.”


    Take heed in the choice of course you pick, there’s no point in choosing a course that will make you poorer at the end of the day.


    • 2. To work or to get further education?


    This is a very common question that SPM and STPM holders face.


    “Is higher education (diploma or degrees) worth getting?”


    A study published by EduAdvisor states that the starting pay of a degree holder in Malaysia ranges from RM 600 to RM 5,533. Most fresh graduates (degree holders) will get a pay ranging between RM 1,800 and RM 2,600.


    While earning RM1,800 after graduation seems unattractive, having a degree delimits your earning potential. This piece of paper is one of the keys to rising the ranks in any Asian culture. Outside of Asia, it shows that you at least have more intellect that the average joe found on the streets.


    Higher education is definitely worth getting.


    • 3. Whether you want to pursue life in or out of Malaysia


    You’re still young, with so much more ahead of you. Do you want to branch out and work internationally? Or do you want to climb the ranks in Malaysia?


    From there, choose an education that gives you as many options as possible. International companies will usually prefer international credentials, especially if you are aiming for higher positions. After all, an Australian company is more likely to accept an Australian Degree than a Malaysian Degree.


    • 4. Choosing your first employer


    Your first employer will play a big role in deciding your future career path. If you get stuck with a terrible employer, the chances of you learning anything useful will be slim. Larger companies usually provide greater learning opportunities and are more likely to promote young executives.


    Getting a job with good prospects right out of SPM/STPM can be a challenge. Employers typically expect several qualities from their potential hires: domain knowledge, work experience and good character, which is typically obtained through actual work.


    Therefore, it will be wise to secure some kind of internship before applying for full time employment.


    • 5. Explore other countries


    Long breaks are hard to come by once you start working. If you are looking for a way to explore other countries, the best time to do so is before you start full time employment. This can be done either during school breaks or during school exchanges.


    If you are more adventurous, you can consider applying for overseas internships as well. However, companies accepting international interns usually get applications coming in from all over the world, you can expect fierce competition for it.


    In summary, all these can be achieved through the right education. For example, in Singapore, polytechnic students are given a head start for their careers through an “Earn & Learn” programme. Students are given the opportunity to work full time in established companies to gather enough work experience before graduation.


    Lithan Malaysia offers a similar Earn & Learn programme where students are given internship and job placements to local and international companies. The students are job ready in as little as 6 months of intensive training. At the end of the study journey, students also get an internationally recognised degree. 0% interest loans are available for needy students too.


    Call +60 1223 20842 or email to info@lithan.com for more information.