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Earn & Learn to an International Degree

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Traditional academic education no longer delivers work ready graduates.

Lithan offers a global dual track applied learning toward a digital career where our learners start work before they have even graduated. Our graduates receive skills certification and Internationally recognised academic degree.

Instead of confining yourself in the university for another paper chase, you will acquire future knowledge, apply your skills, expose to new cultures & build international networks in a world where learning is work and work is learning.

Your exciting journey starts with a 4-6 month full-time immersive on campus learning bootcamp where you acquire practical digital skills. After the bootcamp, you’ll apply what you learnt as a full-time apprentice for the next 4-6 months. The next 12 months will be a combination of studying and working to deepen your skills. Also, acquire competency-based qualifications with accreditation towards degrees offered by more than 50 internationally recognised universities.

Lithan’s applied learning programmes are highly flexible. Learners can personalise their learning journey with online to offline engagements supported by 8 Lithan’s campuses across Asia and partners’ university campuses in the UK and Australia. 



Education Insights


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Our primary learning innovation is Competency Learning as a Service (CLaaS®). CLaaS® is a learning and mentoring platform delivering mass-customised learning for students, professionals and enterprises over the cloud, on demand. CLaaS® can personalise their learning journey; learning only what they need at their own pace anytime anywhere with both online and offline personal mentoring support.

CLaaS® delivers tangible job and skill outcomes, including skill utilisation at the workplace, with its innovative competency-based curriculum and work-integrated applied learning pedagogy.

  Our curriculum is created from the employer’s perspective to ensure that the skills learned are aligned to industry needs. 

  Our work-based and workplace learning pedagogy ensures our courses deliver tangible skills with real business outcomes for both individual and enterprises.

  We offer personalised and non-time invasive courses that can be delivered on demand, anywhere. Online and offline, you will be engaged by a mentor who will ensure the success of your training. 


  Future Ready Digital Career 
Best Technology Jobs Rank high growth high pay jobs in Software Development &  ICT Systems Management

  Work-Integrated Learning 
After 6 months of intensive training boot camp, you will be ready to start work as an apprentice and thereafter  full time employment while completing your study

  International Credential 
You will receive an internationally recognised Person BTEC HND qualification with progression pathway to over 100 international universities

  Overseas Exposure 
You can gain valuable overseas exposure with optional study visits to any of Lithan’s campuses in Singapore,  India & Myanmar

  Affordable Learning
Your ability to earn while you learn as early as six months after program enrolment



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Competency based curriculum aligned to high demand future job

Deliver work ready graduate for high-demand digital jobs.

Experiential learning includes study & work across geography

Acquire future knowledge, apply skills, experience new cultures & build international networks.

Dual track openloop pathway deliver interoperable international credentials

Credentials aligned to National Skill Frameworks and Internationally accepted Academic Qualifications 

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BTEC HND Diploma equips you for life, learning, and employment that integrates worldwide.

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a higher education qualification of the United Kingdom. It is a work-integrated course provided by higher and further education colleges in the UK. 

HND is Internationally recognised at 95% of UK Higher Education Institutes and from over 200 universities worldwide - including several of The Times top #100 ranked universities in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Also refer to Pearson Degree course finder website

Web Development Specialisation

Web Developers design, create, and modify websites. They analyse user needs to implement websites content, graphics, performance, and capacity. They integrate websites with other computer applications. They bring together code and multimedia content by integrating written, graphic, audio, and video components. 

Web Development jobs ranked #3 in Best Technology Jobs

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Course modules


Systems Management Specialisation

Systems Administrator set up, maintain, administer, and configure hardware, software, and network components of the computer systems to provide secure on-demand uninterrupted performance of computer systems resources; especially multi-user computers, such as servers. General specialists can enter system management, while ICT system support specialists can install or manage IT networks.

Systems Management jobs ranked #8 in Best Technology Jobs

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Click here to study in Malaysia.
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Course modules


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