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Study And Work Internationally
For A Digital Career & Bachelor's Degree

Traditional academic education no longer delivers work ready graduates.


Lithan offers a global dual track applied learning pathway toward a digital career where our learners start work before they have even graduated. Our graduates receive skills certification and Internationally recognised academic degree.


Instead of confining yourself in the university for another paper chase, you will acquire future knowledge, apply your skills, expose to new cultures & build international networks in a world where learning is work and work is learning.


Your exciting journey starts with a 4-6 month full-time immersive on campus learning bootcamp where you acquire practical digital skills. After the bootcamp, you’ll apply what you learnt as a full-time apprentice for the next 4-6 months. The next 12 months will be a combination of studying and working to deepen your skills. Also, acquire competency-based qualifications with accreditation towards degrees offered by more than 50 internationally recognised universities.


Lithan’s applied learning programmes are highly flexible. Learners can  personalise their learning journey with online to offline engagements supported by 8 Lithan's campuses across Asia and partners’ university campuses in the UK and Australia. 



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