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Technology, digital and Innovation skills are fast becoming core skills essential to perform future jobs. Leveraging on CLaaS®, which delivers Competency Learning as a Service on demand over the cloud, we are building a lifelong learning and talents platform to deliver work-ready graduates, future-ready workforce, learning enterprises and applied learning institutions.

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Problems With Higher Education and Adult Learning

Future talents must now have multi-disciplinary skills, and be thinkers and makers who can create value rather than just add value. Technology skills are fast becoming core skills essential to perform future jobs.


To develop future-ready talents for the new economy, the world of higher education and adult learning need to be transformed.


There are three significant issues with our higher education and adult education systems:


First, academic education frontloading at higher learning institutions is no longer practical; with the frequent reskilling needed to stay agile for rapid jobs changes. It is high risk and poor return on investment when the jobs you study for no longer exist by the time you have graduated.


Second, classroom-oriented learning is ineffective and inefficient. Classroom training limits workplace exposure for acquiring work-ready skills. Classroom training is time-invasive as it takes individuals away from work and home.


Finally, the fragmented education sector, with respective silos for academic & applied pathways, do not provide sufficient flexibility and interoperability for developing thinkers and makers with knowledge and skills.


Future of Higher Education & Adult Learning


Over the past few years, there is an intensification on the digitization of the economy. Some call it “Industry 4.0”; others call it “third wave”. This innovation-led transformation raises the need for skills development, in higher education and lifelong adult learning, both for enterprises and for individuals.


New academia would have to change from developing graduates who are job seekers to one who are job creators with an innovation mindset. It would have to change from focusing on academic education as the pathway of choice to emphasis on applied learning pathway. There would need to be a convergence between higher education and adult learning sectors to support “Total & Holistic” learning needs of individuals and enterprises on a lifelong basis.


What’s needed is an applied dual education pathway that combines vocational training with academic learning to provide practical skills and transferable knowledge. There must be cross fertilization between academic education and applied curricula. Disruptive entrants have an opportunity to bridge the untapped connections between learning and the workplace.


The transformed higher education and adult learning sectors will become strategic and trusted partners to business enterprises and individuals. For individuals, the transformed education providers will now facilitate their career and skills development through skills mastery and lifelong learning. For business enterprises, the transformed education provider will now be the outsourced skills and talents provider to support their business transformation to become a future ready enterprise.


Technology As Enabler for Learning Innovations


MOOCs have democratized education by making it available almost free to the masses globally by leveraging on advanced internet technology. However, studies have shown that when education is entirely self-paced and self-driven, the success rate is low, as demonstrated by the high dropout rates. The one-size-fits-all online learning offered by MOOCs has clearly fallen short on its promise to transform education, particularly for adult learning where tangible skills outcome will be expected.


The digital revolution offers the perfect technology and environment where learners could be uniquely identified, learning content be specifically presented, and progress can be individually monitored, supported and assessed. We have the technology that permits individuality again.


Therefore, more than just digitizing education for mass delivery using technology, we need to use technology as an enabler to move beyond pure standardization on the one hand and costly customization on the other towards the concept of mass customization to optimize return on adult learning investment. Ultimately, adult learning need to be individualized, localized and globalized to support an individual’s career progression.

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Lithan launched CLaaS® (Competency Learning as a Service) to overcome the inefficiency and effectiveness of traditional class. CLaaS® is an on demand learning and mentoring platform delivering tangible skills outcomes with its innovative competency-based curriculum, work-integrated applied learning pedagogy and personalized blended learning delivery.


With CLaaS, we provide modular, just-enough training that can be converted to future qualifications for your employees to learn at their own pace. We implement work-integrated applied learning pedagogy to ensure that our learning outcomes would result in improved KSAs - Knowledge, Skills and Ability. Learning has no full stop for us as we deliver on demand learning and mentoring for skills utilisation and mastery at the workplace.


For enterprises, CLaaS®@Work delivers on demand workplace learning with our customizable curriculums, on demand mentors and learning technology. Our “Place & Train” programme deliver skilled talents to enterprises for just-in-time deployments.


For institutes of higher learning, CLaaS®@Work provides on demand competency curriculum, practitioner faculty, advance learning technology to develop work ready graduates.


Competency-based Curriculum


Our curriculum is created from the employer’s perspective to ensure that the skills learned are aligned to industry needs. With that in mind, our aim is to provide the necessary digital skills required for future careers. Our modular courses are bite sized learning modules with 40-50 guided learning hours of support from Lithan.


Work-integrated Applied Learning


Our work-based and workplace learning pedagogy ensures our courses deliver tangible skills with real business outcomes for both individual and enterprise learners. We utilize a 70:20:10 model which combines on the job experience (70), mentoring (20) and coursework (10) to ensure you obtain applicable skills that lead to skill mastery at the workplace. 


Personalized Blended Learning

We offer personalized and non-time invasive courses that can be delivered on demand, anywhere. You can choose how you learn, when you want to learn, and how much. Online or offline, you will be engaged by mentors, peers and e-resources which will ensure the success of your training.


CLaaS® emcompasses 20 qualifications and 55 modular training programs delivering high demand future skills required for IT Systems Management, Software Engineering, Business IT, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Digital Marketing jobs.


Systems Management


System Mangement

Internet of Things


Business IT


Enterprise Resource Planning

Customer Relationship Management


Software Engineering


Software Development

Big Data and Business Intelligence


Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Sales and Marketing

Innovation Management


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The digital revolution has redefined the future of work and jobs. Technology, digital and Innovation skills are fast becoming core skills essential to perform future jobs. Lithan is an online2offline digital skills accelerator with the mission of developing future ready talents for the new digital economy.


Accenture strategy global research shows 82% of business leaders expect their organisations to be digital businesses in the next 3 years. If they are to realise the benefits they anticipate from being digital, the readiness of their workforce must be a priority.


With CLaaS, we aim to build a seamless collaborative platform where post-secondary students, adult learners, enterprises, adult educators & education providers come together for industry-relevant, effective and affordable lifelong learning and career development.


As a Lifelong Learning and Talents Platform, Lithan delivers work-ready graduates, future-ready workforce, learning enterprises and applied learning institutions.


Our mission is to become Asia’s leading lifelong learning institution specializing in developing future ready technology and innovation talents for the new digital economy.


Lithan Academy received our 4-year Edutrust certification in 2014 and are a Skillsfuture Singapore Accredited Training Organization. With 8 campuses over 5 ASEAN countries including Myanmar, China and India, Lithan aims to become Asia’s leading lifelong learning platform. Presently, we have 11,746 graduates from our programs, of which 5,175 are from Singapore.


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