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Learning Innovation Partnerships

Be at the Forefront of Education Innovation

Institutes of Higher Learning

Partner with us to deliver applied learning programmes. Our competency-based courses can be easily combined with your courses; effectively teaching your students both the foundation knowledge inherent in your curriculum as well as the practical skills employers are looking for.

We provide you the network of industry practitioner trainers, subject-matter experts and mentors necessary to deliver the skills mastery courses that have been incorporated in your curriculum. Also, gain access to a wide employer network for graduate job placements.

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Faculty and Mentors

Learning delivery has evolved to meet the need for competency-based courses that provide industry-relevant skills for working adults. Deliver courses through blended learning.

Develop and deliver courses for us using our innovative education model.

Partner with us to deliver competency-based learning programmes to enterprises.

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Innovation Acceleration and Investments

Participate in our 100-day Accelerator programme and receive training in course design, use training equipment and facilities, be mentored, launch your training business, and qualify for investor funding.

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