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Just in Time Skills Mastery

Blended Learning with EASE

Competency-based Curriculum

We develop our curriculum from the employers' perspective to ensure that the skills you learn are aligned to industry needs.

Our Qualification Programmes, comprising 5-6 modules each, provide full set of competencies for specific job roles.

Our Modular Courses provide "bite-size" learning for acquiring specific skills as you need them.

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Work Integrated Learning

Application of learning in the workplace is essential.

Concepts are acquired via eLearning. Higher order skills are taught through work-based learning; done through work simulations.

Experience is provided through workplace mentoring. Skills utilization and application are facilitated through a workplace project.

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Just in Time Delivery

A blended learning pedagogy provides you a personalized learning experience. Courses are customized to present topics in the most effective format and medium; allowing seamless intertwining of learning at the workplace, in the classroom, or at home.

We provide complete learning flexibility. Choose courses with the learning mode most suitable for you. Fast-track on-campus programmes provide face-to-face, peer-to-peer, immersive learning environments. Blended learning programmes combine online and flipped classroom delivery. Virtual courses move the entire learning experience online. Study anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

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