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Introduction to Business Intelligence

NICF - Introduction to Business Intelligence
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Program Overview

A Data Warehouse has become an essential tool in a company's strategic decision-making process. A warehouse is not simply a copy of a transactional database system; it has its own architecture and stores data in a specific format that allows for in depth analysis of data. 

This short course intends to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to design, implement and maintain a data warehouse solution.

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  • Program Benefits

    This modular course includes the following topics:

    • Introduction to Business Intelligence (SAP BIW)
    • Conceptual Data Modelling
    • SAP Meta Objects
    • Info Cube Design
    • ETL (Extraction, transfer and loading of data from the source systems)
    • Reporting Best Practices
    • Reporting Tools
    • Dash boarding
    • Data Mining
    • Reporting Strategy
    • Implementation
    • Future of BI
  • Course Modules

    Students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to:

    • Understand how data warehouse systems differ from operational information systems.
    • Understand how the concepts of Business Intelligence can assist an organisation with its decision making processes.
    • Analyse the requirements for such systems from a management perspective. Transform user requirements into a conceptual data model.
    • Transfer the conceptual model into data warehouse system (SAP BIW).
    • Extract, transform and load data from various data sources.
    • Design and implement reports from within a data warehouse system.


  • Delivery Schedule and Method

    Delivery Schedule:


    This module will be delivered in following two modes:

    • Full Time: 5 days - 9am to 5pm (Lunch break of 45 min)
    • Part Time: 12 evening sessions (36 hours in total) - 7pm to 10 pm (3 hours each)

    Students will be trained by industry professionals and academicians. They have minimum of 5 years of domain experience in consulting or in academic teaching, research within a specific industry. Trainers must also have relevant industry certification and ACTA.

    Total duration is of the course is 36 hours.


    Delivery Method:

    • 1 session (3 hours) a week over 12 weeks. This course will be delivered as a 2 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week. There is sufficient time allowed for students to practice on the SAP System and perform learning/ practice at self-paced.
    • It is expected that students will spend at least 10 hours per week studying this course (including lecture and tutorial time). This time should be made up of reading, research and working on exercises. In periods where students need to complete assignments or prepare for tests, the workload may be greater.

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Check out the following:

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  • Entry Requirements

    Students must have a recognised Bachelor degree and IELTS 6.5. Students who have been taught at Bachelor level with English as medium of instruction may not need IELTS score.

    • Students with Diploma level qualification and minimum 5 years of working experience may apply. Students with undergraduate qualification taught in English meets the English requirements for the course
  • Certificates Issued

    Upon successful completion of this module students will be issued with following SOAs:

    • IT-CIO-504S-1 Review reports and formulate action plan
    • IT-DM-401S-1 Build Database
    • SAP BI Alliance Certificate offered by Victoria University and SAP Australia
  • Education Pathway

    Graduates who wish to pursue Masters of Business (ERP Systems) will get an exemption for 1 module.

  • Graduation Requirements

    Students must successfully pass or deemed Competent (C) in assessments. Student upon failing will need to take the module again. An additional charge applies in such cases.

  • Program Fee

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