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Digital Transformation

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Leslie Loh will share his experience on transforming Lithan from a conventional IT training provider to become the leading digital learning & talents platform in Singapore and the region.

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Our panel of forward looking Asian and international universities will share their strategies and plans on how they will transform in order to future-ready their universities during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Academic Speakers

Professor Claire Ozanne

Vice Provost, University of Roehampton, London UK

Professor Claire Ozanne leads University’s international strategy, the development and oversight of collaborative partnerships and online programme development and delivery.

Dr Lily Chan

Chief Executive and Vice Chancellor of Wawasan Open University (WOU)

Dr Lily Chan previously led NUS Enterprise at the National University of Singapore for 13 years and is passionate about developing an education framework which is affordable and flexible.

Sandy Darmowinoto

Vice Rector, President University, Indonesia

Sandy Darmowinoto graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Coventry University and a Master of Information Technology from James Cook University.

Bharat Agarwal

President of the Vishwakarma University

Mr. Bharat Agarwal is the President of the Vishwakarma University and Vishwakarma Institutes Group. He has lead the progress of the Vishwakarma Group into varied business verticals.

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Global Education is ripe for digital disruption and EdTech is paramount in redefining education, delivering deep learning, and producing long term results for traditional institutions.

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EdTech Speakers

Jan Lambrechts

CEO and founder of EPITOME

Jan Lambrechts is the CEO and founder EPITOME (formerly CXS International), a workforce-analytics company. He has had a 19-year entrepreneurial career spanning five continents and was one of the early enablers of cloud (server-based) computing for enterprises in the late 90s for MNCs.

Giridhar Nayak

CEO & founder of Sambaash

Giridhar Nayak is the CEO and founder of Sambaash, an EdTech company focussed on gearing up education organisations for the Future of Learning.

Leslie Loh

Founder & CEO of Lithan

Leslie Loh is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully build his one-man IT startup to a publicly listed global business with customers across 40 countries.

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Future talents must now have multi-disciplinary skills and be thinkers and makers who can create value rather than just add value. Digital skills are fast becoming core skills essential to perform future jobs.

Future learning need to adopt competency-based curriculum that deliver tangible deep domain skills and broad competencies required by employers and the industry.

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Academic education frontloading is ineffcient as the jobs students study for no longer exist by the time they graduate. Classroom-oriented learning is ineffective as it limits workplace exposure for acquiring work-ready skills.

The new academia need to shift from academic education in the classroom to applied learning where learning is work and work is learning.

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The digital revolution offers the perfect technology where learners could be uniquely identified, content be specifically presented, and progress individually monitored, supported and assessed.

We have the technology that permits individuality again. The new academia could now facilitate learning co-ownership between learner, employers , industry practioners in a seamless work2learn journey for improved KSAs - Knowledge, Skills and Ability.

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A complimentary copy of our whitepaper, "Re-imagining Higher Education in Digital Economy", will be sent to your email upon registration of interest.

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