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trainNplace to a Microsoft System Administrator Career

Lithan’s trainNplace Bootcamp (Microsoft System Administration) is a 3 months full-time on campus bootcamp where learners train to be a Microsoft System Administrator. As part of our digital job induction series, learners will get the opportunity to gain skill sets to be able to handle Microsoft Operating Systems and Servers and join one of the core jobs in the digital world. Join us and get placed into a system administration career!

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Applied Learning Delivers Work Ready Skilled Graduates

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Job Ready in 3 Months*

We get you job ready in as little as 3 months with our full-time, 528 hours training bootcamp where you undergo rigorous training from 9 am – 6 pm daily with mentoring support from our industry practitioner.

Learner will be proficient in installing and configuring windows servers, configuring and administering advanced servers, installation and operating small and medium-sized networks, implementing maintenance procedures based on industry’s best practices and service-level agreements.

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Expert Mentorship

Be mentored by full-stack web developers with years of industry experience developing web applications.

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Job Placement Support

We guarantee* a 3-month paid internship (for Full-Time study option) and job placement assistance. Leave your details below so we can get one of our Career Coaches to get in contact with you!

*For full Terms and Conditions please scroll below

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Learning Facilities

Experience new cultures and international collaboration when you optionally attend live, virtual classes at any of our fully-equipped classrooms across ASEAN and India.

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Future Ready Digital Career

Systems Administrators are required by any companies that utilise computers in any part of their operations. As a result, System Administrators are constantly in high demand.

An experienced System Administrator commands up to USD154,000/year. Source: indeed.com

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What I get

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Who Should Attend and Prerequisites
Who Should Attend
Individuals who want to develop skills to Install, Configure and Support Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and qualify to get MCSA – Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 certifications.

Learners should have at least ‘O’ Level or O-level equivalent qualifications
Language Proficiency: IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent

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Module 1: Install and Configure Operating System
  • IU1: Overview of Windows 10
  • IU2: Installing Windows 10
  • IU3: Configuring your Device
  • IU4: Configuring Network Connectivity
  • IU5: Managing Storage
  • IU 6: Managing Files and Printers
  • IU 7: Managing Apps in Windows 10
  • IU8: Managing Data Security
  • IU9: Managing Device Security
  • IU10: Managing Network Security
  • IU11: Troubleshooting & Recovery
  • IU12: Maintaining Windows 10
Module 2: Support and Maintain IT Infrastructure
  • IU1: Implementing a troubleshooting methodology
  • IU2: Troubleshooting Startup Issues
  • IU3: Troubleshooting Hardware and Device Drivers
  • IU4: Troubleshooting Remote Computers
  • IU5: Resolving Network Connectivity Issues
  • IU 6: Troubleshooting Group Policy
  • IU 7: Troubleshooting User Setting
  • IU 8: Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity
  • IU9 : Troubleshooting Resource Access within a Domain
  • IU10: Configuring and Troubleshooting Resource Access for Clients that arre not Domain Members
  • IU11: Troubleshooting Applications
  • IU12: Maintaining Windows 10
  • IU13: Recovering Data and Operating System
Module 3: IT Customer Service Skills
  • IU1: Introduction to the Support Agent Role
  • IU2: Global Cultural Competence
  • IU3: Effective Communication Strategies
  • IU4: Connecting With Customer
  • IU5: Dealing with Challenging Customers
  • IU 6: Problem Solving
  • IU 7: IT Support Troubleshooting
  • IU8: Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
  • IU9:  Documenting Cases
  • IU10: Knowledge Management & Documentation Tools
  • IU11: Performamnce Measures and Indicators
Module 4: Install and Configure Server
  • IU1: Installing, upgrading and migrating servers and workloads
  • IU2: Configuring Local Storage
  • IU3: Implementing Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • IU4: Implementing Storage Spaces and Data Deduplication
  • IU5: Installing and Configuring Hyper - V and Virtual Machines
  • IU 6: Deploying and Managing Windows and Hyper - V Containers
  • IU 7: Overview of High availiblity and Disaster Recovery
  • IU8: Implementing Failover Clustering
  • IU9: Implementing a scalable OSPF - Based Solution Implementing Failover clustering with windows server 2016 Hyper -V
  • IU10: Implementing Network Load Balancing
  • IU11: Creating and Managing Deployment Images
  • IU12: Managing, Monitoring and Maintaining Virtual Machine Installations
Module 5: Administer Server
  • IU1: Installing and Configuring Domain Controllers
  • IU2: Managing objects in AD DS
  • IU3: Advanced AD DS infrastructure Management
  • IU4: Implementing and Administering AD DS Sites and replication
  • IU5: Implementing Group Policy
  • IU 6: Managing User Settings with group Policy
  • IU 7: Securing Active Directory Domain Services
  • IU 8: Deploying and managing 
  • IU9: Deploying and Managing Certificates
  • IU10: Implementing and Administering AD FS
  • IU11: Implementing and administering AD RMS
  • IU12: Implementing AD DS Synchronization with Microsoft Azure AD
  • IU13: Monitoring, Managing and recovering AD DS
Module 6: Configure Advanced Server
  • IU1: Planning and Implementing an IPv4 network
  • IU2: Implementing DHCP
  • IU3: Implementing IPv6
  • IU4: Implementing DNS
  • IU5: Implementing & Managing IPAM
  • IU 6: Remote Access in Windows server 2016
  • IU 7: Implementing Direct Access
  • IU8: Implementing VPNs
  • IU9: Implementing networking for branch offices
  • IU10: Configuring Advanced Networking Features
  • IU11: Implementing Software Defined Networking
Module 7: Microsoft System Admin - Integrated Project
Learners will conduct a live project with mentor support. 

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Course Fees

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Lithan's Job Guarantee
Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions of application of the Job Guarantee


1.1.  Lithan undertakes to provide a full refund all paid course fees for a Customer who has joined the Programme, if, after 6 months of the completion of the Programme, the Customer has neither accepted nor started an employment contract, either a temporary employment contract of at least one (1) month or a permanent employment within a Company. The form of employment can be in the learner’s place of resident or any internationally located companies. In the instance that employment is not in the learners place of resident, employment could take 2 possible forms depending on the requirements of participating companies:


- The learners remain in their country of origin and are remotely managed by participating companies.
- Relocating to the country which participating companies as assigned. Learners would need to ensure, they have the valid visa for work in these location(s).  



1.2. Lithan may refund all paid course fees if the Customer satisfies, in good faith, all of the following conditions:


- Successfully completed the course, including capstone project.


- Have not rejected more than 2 times an opportunity for a job interview;
- Have not rejected more than 2 times any employment opportunity;
- The Customer would need to in their best effort show that they are actively seeking employment by submitting 5 application per week. A detailed report of the job placement interviews to be sent to Lithan (admissions@lithan.com) at least once every 14 days. This report must include all of the correspondence and interviews by all means; a list of all the Companies contacted including their names, addresses, sectors of activity, relevant dates and the answers received;
- The Customer must respect Lithan’s Terms of Use; Code of Conduct; Lithan’s instructions, including, should Lithan deem it necessary, the obligation to follow Lithan career resource courses when such resources would be available;
- The Customer must declare and certify on their honour that on the day that he/she requests for a fee refund, he/she has neither received, nor refused, nor accepted, nor failed to reply to, a Job offer, during or prior to the Programme.



1.3. Under the Job Guarantee, and subject to the conditions listed in the preceding paragraphs being met, Lithan shall refund in full the total amount of course fees paid for the programme. 



2. Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions


In order for Lithan to refund the paid course fees, the Customer must present, within 30 days of the end of the Programme Job Guarantee period at the latest:



- A certificate from the national public employment service of their country of residence justifying their status as a citizen without employment (where applicable);
- Their income tax details certifying no income was received in the prior 6 months or any relevant document(s), such as Provident Fund statements;
- Justifying documents and evidence proving that the conditions set out in 1.2. have been satisfied.



Failure to provide the above documents shall prevent the Customer from getting a course fee refund under the Job Guarantee.