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SAP ABAP – tailored for Software Professionals

Role of a SAP Consultant
September 28, 2015 

Nikhil Chadha, a software professional got laid off from his job, when his company felt the need to scale down its operations. Although he had excellent development skills, he found it difficult to find another job. Either there were too many, better qualified or more experienced applicants or the offer they made did not suit him.

One day, Nikhil ran into his old buddy. While swapping notes on life and work, Nikhil's friend told him that he had just completed a SAP App development programme and was now earning a good salary. Nikhil got inspired and asked him how he went about the training process. That was when his friend told him about the SAP ABAP certification.

Following his friend's footsteps, once Nikhil completed his SAP ABAP certification, he immediately found a promising placement with a good package. Christopher was thrilled.
ABAP or Advanced Business Application Programming is a 4th Generation language used for developing Apps for SAP R3 System. SAP ABAP is one of the most important enterprise programming languages developed by SAP and is also the most highly paid technical skill. Enterprise-level organizations, across the world run it on their systems.

The architecture of SAP R3 System has three tiers, namely the database server, the application server and the presentation server. The application server contains all the software components and the SAP kernel that are needed to run the ABAP program. The SAP R3 System provides a full-fledged development environment which has the programming language, data dictionary as well as the developmental tools that are needed to develop apps in ABAP/4. Therefore, it is called the ABAP workbench.

SAP ABAP Certification is an excellent option for those who want to develop Apps in SAP. Since self-study might be tough and may not yield the desired outcomes, it's always advisable to enroll yourself into a SAP training center that offers SAP ABAP course.

Who can benefit from the SAP ABAP?
Practically anyone who is interested in developing apps for SAP. This includes software professionals, programmers and anyone with IT certification or ERP certification

  • SAP Consultants
  • SAP BW Consultants
  • SAP Functional Consultants
  • College Students who are looking for a career in SAP
  • SAP Project Team Members
  • SAP Basis Consultants who are on keen to gain more knowledge

SAP ABAP Certified people have a great future to look forward to as it caters to all businesses. The best thing about SAP is the way it can be seamlessly integrated with other systems. Although there are several modules of SAP that cater to the needs of different businesses, customization is often required. As a result, there is a huge demand for SAP ABAP professionals who can develop any kind of App for SAP.

SAP customization is more of extending an existing SAP App rather than developing one from the scratch. Therefore, ABAP seems to be the perfect application platform as it is the own in-house language of SAP. In fact, ABAP is the one that is used to write the SAP system. Nevertheless, it is not that easy to learn ABAP when compared to the other 4th Generation languages. You need to find out how SAP structures and accesses its data and be aware of its specific programming conventions and its infrastructure

A SAP functional consultant provides expert advice on the functionality of SAP. He/she has expert knowledge of all modules of SAP and can explain in detail the functionality of each of these modules. He/she can help the customer select the best module that will help in automating his business processes in the perfect manner.

How to choose the best SAP training center to do a SAP ABAP course?
Although there may be many SAP training centers that offer both online as well as offline SAP ABAP courses, there are certain aspects you need to bear in mind before choosing a good SAP Training Center:

  • It should offer a fine balance of theoretical as well as practical training
  • It should help you in getting placements once you complete the course
  • The course should help in enhancing your SAP skills
  • It should help you in obtaining extensive knowledge and information through interesting video lectures
  • It should provide all kinds of support in order for you to pass the SAP ABAP Certification exam
  • The instructors should be available at all times in case you have any queries

Apart from the above, you should also consider the location and the budget before you zero in on an appropriate SAP training center.

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