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Meet your Hiring and Training needs through PCP*

*Professional Conversion Programme- Under Government Grants for Singapore SMEs
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  • The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) is a place-and-train program administered by Lithan and funded by WSG.

    We help you to source and place individuals who will undergo a mandatory 9 months of training while working in your enterprise concurrently.

    Our structured non-invasive training allows you to nurture talent into high value assets. With up to 90% training and salary funding support by WSG, every startup must tap into this programme to fill in-demand job roles.

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Available Job Roles mapped to PCP training programmes:

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Who is PCP for?

PCP is targeted at Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), including mid-career switchers, who are committed to undergo skills conversion, to move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression.


PCP is for any Singaporeans and PR adults 21 years and older who have been working for a minimum of 1 to 2 years.


What do I need to get started to employ talent under the PCP?

Lithan needs you to sign a Letter of Undertaking (LOU) with us. You will then need to provide your ACRA Bizfile statement and a list of job descriptions for the roles you plan to fill under the PCP.


If I personally have talent I would like to hire under the PCP, can I bring them into the PCP scheme?

Certainly, if you have candidates who are interested in the role, send their CV and CPF statement to Lithan for us to assess their eligibility. This is so that we can provide accurate information to qualify eligibility, expectations and conditions for you to hire them under the PCP.


What is my commitment level to this LOU?

Lithan takes every request for talent very seriously. As we have plenty of requirements by numerous employers, you are expected to be responsive and attend to interviews as arranged. Employers who change their requirements, are not responsive or do not show a commitment will be placed in a lower priority list.


If I the talent I hire starts out in one job roles and training programme under my employment, can I switch their job roles while undergoing the PCP?

No, each job role is closely mapped to the training programme which is aligned with the training, so switching to a new job role is not an option under the PCP.



Will the talent be able to cope with training and work demands at the same time?

Every project and assignment is contextualized to the job so you can derive meaningful use immediately. On-campus time is optimized and focused on face-to-face interaction with learning facilitators and mentors. Training can be time intensive in the first 4 months.


What happens if the talent is unable to meet programme requirements?

We have many processes in place to ensure that each student completes the programme requirements successfully. Learning facilitators and mentors will provide real time assistance to help keep students on track.


Can I as a PCP employer make my talent perform a job role which is not mapped to their training and job description?

Strictly, no. The PCP is meant for you to extract applicable value from the training which is closely mapped to your particular job description. At the same time, if they are asked to take on additional projects or tasks outside of your primary role due to your confidence in their ability to do so, you should discuss the scope, your bandwidth and capability to take on such projects with them first and obtain mutual agreement.


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