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Digital Skills Acceleration

CLaaS® delivers personalised learning journey with both online and in-person mentoring support for workplace skills utilisation & mastery.

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Jobs of the Future

The New Digital Age is permeating new ways of recruiting, working, learning, and engaging employees.

According to Forrester, about 47% of executives surveyed believe that by 2020, digital will have an impact on more than half their sales.

Today, almost every company is undergoing a digital transformation. Cloud and mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and increasing automation have created the potential to transform nearly every aspect of a business. A survey of CEOs conducted by Fortune asked whether they thought their company was a “technology company” and 67% of CEOs said yes.

(Source: Forbes)

Future of the Work Trends

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Future Ready Skills

Our solution to overcome the ineffectiveness of the classroom-oriented training is CLaaS®. CLaaS®, which stand for Competency Learning as a Service, is an on-demand learning and mentoring platform leverages on advance education technology with work-integrated learning pedagogy that delivers tangible workplace skills utilization. CLaaS® is aligned around a competency-based curriculum to deliver specific skills and competencies required by employers and the industry.

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