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As a freelancer, you need to be seen as a competent digital marketer, who can do the job. That’s why at the end of your first month of training, you will intern in a digital marketing agency where you can start building your professional profile. You will be guided on how to create professional profile pages on at least 3 of the most important social media channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. You will be taught specific techniques that will spotlight your skills and talents that will help you win projects.

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Without a portfolio of successful projects, it is hard to win clients. Potential employers typically want to hire experienced talents with good track records. We will teach you how to secure work from major freelancing (e.g., Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.), social networking (e.g., LinkedIn) and job portals (e.g., Jobstreet) sites. Your mentor’s expertise will help boost your own credentials.

By working with a project manager, you will deliver quality work. You’ll keep 30% of project contract fees. Your projects will become part of your work portfolio to serve as reference for future employers.