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When you join the Digital Marketing Bootcamp, you will learn how to plan, budget for, and execute integrated digital marketing campaigns.

Learn how to plan and execute Google Ads, Youtube, and Social Media campaigns. Measure and optimize your campaign performance using Google Analytics.

Setup, configure and integrate marketing automation and CRM tools to manage marketing funnels and sales pipelines and develop basic digital assents. You will also learn SEO techniques to optimize all contents for search engines.

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Work for digital sales and marketing agency as a paid intern for 3 years while studying part-time.

You will take on both local and international projects applying what you have learned in the digital marketing bootcamp.

You will also have the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 mentoring so you can sharpen your skills and gain experience while working as an intern.

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Start your career as a digital marketing consultant after 12 months while studying part-time. Work on both marketing sales projects with an agency.

Take on marketing and sales jobs and projects by sending applications to international companies or by posting on job-portal sites.

Earn an income while working on projects as a sales and marketing consultant.

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After completing your 30 months of work-study program, embark on your top-up degree with a list of accredited universities from Pearson UK and Australia.